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Gatlinburg Tennessee weather averages run the gamut and is at some point comfortable to almost any climatic preference from a nippy 35 degrees in January to a warm 73 in July along with substantial rainfall throughout the year. Gatlinburg, Tennessee is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. While its hallmark location is the natural majesty of Great Smoky Mountains National Park (the most visited national park in the United States), it is also home to one-of-a-kind shows, carnivals, and Dollywood, the theme park owned by country music

Located near the very end of the Parkway in Gatlinburg at the base of the Smoky Mountains you will find one of several opportunities to visit a Smoky Mountain Winery, Sugar Land Cellars. In this picturesque setting grapes and fruits mostly from local sources are brought in and processed on site to give you a unique taste of Smoky Mountain flavor. You will find red and white wines from dry to sweet and bubbly varieties available with the majority falling into the locally popular sweet category. While in the

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Smoky Mountain Fall Colors 2012 Fall 2012 is predicted The Great Smoky Mountains most colorful season in years The Great Smoky Mountains National Park in TN., kick off 2012 fall season after sights of vibrant leaf colors were reported in higher elevations by Park officials. SEVIERVILLE, Tenn. (October 2012) - Sevierville, Tenn., Sep. 23 marked the 2012 fall calendar season for The Great Smoky Mountains when sights of vibrant leaf colors were reported by officials at The Great Smoky Mountains National Park. On October 10th https://www.nps.gov reported: “Fall colors are at

Whether green and blooming with the bright colors of spring or tinted with the golden hues of autumn, Great Smoky Mountain National Park is always full of beauty. In fact the Smoky Mountain National Park receives more visitors than any other National Park per year each season of the year. The border between the states of Tennessee and North Carolina runs through the center of the park as does the Appalachian Trail. Entrances to the park are located on both sides of the border,  one in Gatlinburg, Tennessee and one in Cherokee, North

Gatlinburg, Tennessee is the perfect place to begin your quest for spotting a black bear in The Great Smoky Mountains National Park. This massive park is home to over 1500 bruins and the best place to see one is in Cades Cove, less than thirty miles from the heart of Gatlinburg. Starting your bear adventure in Gatlinburg is a good idea as the community has everything you’ll need to help your search. You’ll find high quality outdoor gear, including hiking boots, daypacks and binoculars. Shop owners frequent the park

By Greg Ward Five straight days of 90 degree temperatures this past May has made for an early summer. Summers in Sevier County mean parades, fireworks, bullfrogs, crickets, and the occasional overheated car stuck in traffic on Hwy 66. Tourists trying to beat the heat have made Dollywood’s Splash Country the nation’s most visited water park.

One of the great parts about traveling is learning the culture of the area you are visiting. Being able to get involved makes it even better. In Gatlinburg, not only can you see the crafts and arts being made, you can even take part and make your own.

Last summer, my family and I had the amazing honor to be part of the PBS television show “Getting Away Together” as it filmed in the Smoky Mountains.  We have always said that we were like walking billboards for the area, as we are not shy about telling our friends of our love of the Smokies and giving them tips and pointers as they plan their own vacations here, but we never dreamed that we would have the opportunity to share our story with so many people!

Cades Cove at sunsetI just had to get involved in this blog today after looking at those images on Facebook. I am not really sure if you follow Visit My Smokies on Facebook (I think you should) but yesterday we shared amazing images of one of our favorite areas, Cades Cove. Each image is simply spectacular and makes all viewers want to visit our Smoky Mountain Area. By the way, this is The Smoky Mountain Girl, special guest for today.

Oh the many choices available to the outdoor enthusiast in East Tennessee! Take your pick--morning turkey hunts and afternoon stream smallmouth bass, morning stream trout and afternoon crappie, morning sauger or walleye and afternoon lake largemouth bass, tailrace trout, stripers, bluegill, catfish, or a simple walk in the woods to take in the spring rebirth of a multitude of wild flowers, shrubs, and trees.

There’s a lot of history here in the Smoky Mountains, from the places to the people to the communities. And if you’re like me, you enjoy knowing a little about the place you’re going to visit. Even if it is just to impress the locals that you’ve done your homework.