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A black bear looking at berries on a branch.

Black Bear in Gatlinburg Takes a Dip in Cabin Hot Tub (Video Included!)

Even black bears in Gatlinburg need to relax after a long day! A man on vacation in the Smoky Mountains wanted to enjoy a mountain view while he drank his cup of coffee, but opened the curtains to find a black bear on the deck of his cabin! Look below to watch the black bear in Gatlinburg take a dip in the hot tub:

Black Bear in Gatlinburg Gets in a Hot Tub

While many people hope to see a black bear on their Smoky Mountain vacation, people probably don’t expect to see one right outside their door! Todd Trebony, owner of a medical spa in Georgia, was on vacation in the Smoky Mountains. He wanted to enjoy a morning cup of coffee on the deck and look out at the mountain view from his cabin. A black bear hopped onto the railing of the deck, and he ran back inside and started filming the bear. It knocked the hot tub cover off and hopped right on in!

What to Do When You See a Black Bear

Seeing a black bear in person is pretty exciting, but you should keep in mind these are wild animals. They are unpredictable, and you shouldn’t get close to them. In the Smokies, it is illegal to get closer than 50 yards of a bear in the wild. While the black bear in the video is closer than that, Todd and the people he was on vacation with stayed inside while the bear was on the deck. If you’re out on the trails and the bear is standing still, slowly move away. If the bear comes towards you, make yourself large and loud, such as yelling and waving your arms. Want even more safety tips? Check out these black bear safety tips.

Learn About Black Bears

black bear in the smoky mountainsThere’s so much to learn about black bears in Gatlinburg. These creatures are incredible, and it helps to know a little more about them while you’re in town.

Run Up to 30 Miles Per Hour

While it doesn’t seem like they can move fast, black bears can actually run up to 30 miles per hour. If you come face to face with a black bear in the woods, you shouldn’t try to outrun them. Just follow the safety tips from above!

Black Bears are Omnivores

Black bears in Gatlinburg are omnivores, which means they eat plants and animals. They are known for foraging for berries and roots. Bears will also get in creeks and fish, as well as eat animal carcasses.

Densest Black Bear Population

The Great Smoky Mountains has the densest black bear population in the country. There are more than 1,500 black bears within the national park. They populate all elevations of the park.

Where to See Black Bears

black bear cub in the smoky mountainsYou’re probably wondering where the best spots are to see black bears in the Smokies that aren’t your cabin! Find out where the top places to look for these creatures are in the Smokies:

Cades Cove

One of the top spots to go to possibly see black bears is Cades Cove. Just because you’re in the area doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to see black bears, but wildlife activity is popular in Cades Cove.

On the Trails

Many people see black bears while they are hiking in the backcountry. You might see paw prints in the mud or see black bears up in the woods. Just be sure to keep a safe distance!

Three Bears General Store

If you want to for sure see black bears, head to Three Bears General Store in Pigeon Forge. They have live bears in an indoor habitat so you can watch them play with each other!

Now you know a little more about black bears in Gatlinburg! Want to learn more about the area they live in? Find out more about the Great Smoky Mountains National Park before you come visit!