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The Smoky Mountains are a natural paradise full of opportunities to connect with nature, discover incredible sights, and lots more, which is why it is so important that the park is accessible to everyone! Beginning in 2023, Great Smoky Mountains National Park started offering adaptive ranger-led programs that allow people with disabilities to make the most of the amazing opportunities at the park and experience for themselves what makes the area so special. And now, the National Park Services is expanding these accessible ranger-led programs so that everyone can enjoy some of the best things to do in the Smoky Mountains, regardless of disability status. Read on to find out more about the expanded ranger-led adaptive programs here in the Smokies:

The Smoky Mountains contain an abundance of fantastic activities, attractions, and more, that can make any vacation to the area fun and memorable. Although you may be wondering if there are many handicap-accessible things to do in the Smoky Mountains, you do not need to worry! There are plenty of handicap-accessible things to do in the Smoky Mountains, meaning that everyone can enjoy the fun this area has to offer. Here are some of our top recommendations for handicap-accessible things to do in the Smoky Mountains:

Whether you’re coming from the North Carolina or Tennessee side of the Great Smoky Mountains, you will be traveling along Newfound Gap Road. If you start at Sugarlands Visitor Center in Gatlinburg, you can take a beautiful drive along the Newfound Gap Road auto tour, through the mountains to Cherokee, North Carolina. For many, this is a highlight of their trip to the Smokies because of the stunning views of the mountains throughout every season. Whether you are experiencing the bright colors of fall, the snow-covered mountains of winter or the deep green of the spring and summer, Newfound Gap Road is the best place for enjoying the natural beauty of the Smokies. Get your step-by-step guide to Newfound Gap Road below:

If you are planning a visit to Great Smoky Mountains National Park, you may be looking for some lesser-known spots to check out during your time here. While popular destinations like Cades Cove and Clingmans Dome are beloved for a reason, they can sometimes be challenging to visit when there is a lot of traffic to the area. Fortunately, there are also lots of amazing areas of the park that are not as well known, like the Tremont area of Great Smoky Mountains National Park! This beautiful area has lots of fun activities available, opportunities to learn about the park, and more. Here are the answers to some of your top questions about the Tremont area of Great Smoky Mountains National Park:

Are you visiting the Smoky Mountains this winter? One of the best activities you can do during your visit is go on a winter hike. If you’ve never hiked in winter before, you may be wondering what you need to take with you. That’s why we’ve put together this list of things you should pack for a winter hike in the Smokies so you can be prepared and stay safe and warm!

If there’s one thing the Smoky Mountain area does well, it’s celebrating the holiday season! With thousands of twinkling light displays scattered throughout Sevierville, Pigeon Forge, and Gatlinburg, there is no doubt that everyone who visits the Smokies this time of year will return home filled with holiday cheer. If you think spending Christmas in the Smokies sounds like a great idea, then keep reading to discover a few of the best ways to see Smoky Mountain Christmas lights!

For many of us, if we were to imagine a relaxing and peaceful vacation, we would think of the mountains! That’s why so many people choose the Smoky Mountains each year for their vacations and getaways, but the amount of people who visit can sometimes make it challenging to plan a low-key Smoky Mountain vacation. But fear not! We’ve put together this helpful guide to help you relax and recharge by planning a low-key Smoky Mountain vacation. Here are some of our top suggestions:

There are few family bonding experiences that create as many treasured memories as taking a family vacation. But when it comes to planning a trip for your family, figuring out all of the logistics can get overwhelming! Where should you go? Where will you stay? What will you do? Fortunately, we’ve put together your ultimate guide to planning a Smoky Mountain family vacation, so you can save the hassle of figuring out the answers to these questions and get right to enjoying your trip! Read on for everything you need to know when planning a Smoky Mountain family vacation.

Are you planning a summer vacation in the breathtaking Smoky Mountains? Get ready for an extraordinary adventure filled with new experiences and unforgettable memories. The Smoky Mountains are known for their natural beauty, but did you know about these exciting new attractions and activities to explore? Whether you're traveling with family or friends, get ready to discover the latest additions that will make your Smoky Mountain vacation truly special! Here are some of the best new things to do in the Smoky Mountains this summer:

You’ve got the dates already circled on the calendar and you're champing at the bit! If you’re anything like us, you can’t wait to finally visit the Smoky Mountains with your family! Your family vacation in the Smoky Mountains should be a relaxing time full of great fun and void of stress! Bringing a child (or more!) to the Smoky Mountains is a wonderful experience complete with endless family memories but one that can be daunting to plan. Y’all deserve the vacation of a lifetime that all members of your family can enjoy! Let us help ease your worries with these 4 helpful tips for visiting the Smoky Mountains with kids:

Over the past several months there’s been an exciting feeling building between the 2 of you for the romantic retreat that awaits you in the gorgeous Smoky Mountains! We all need a break every once in a while, and we understand wanting to spend that downtime with your favorite person in these beautiful mountains of ours! Just 1 weekend in the Smokies is all it takes to reignite that spark between you and your significant other, reminding you why you first fell in love. Let our experts help you plan your retreat with this perfect weekend itinerary for a Smoky Mountain romantic getaway:

With winter now officially upon us, you might think you have missed your opportunity to go hiking in the Smokies this year. However, you will be glad to know that the Great Smoky Mountains National Park remains open to the public all year round. While there are some seasonal road closures, there are still plenty of trails that are waiting to be explored. Here is the ultimate guide to winter hiking in the Smoky Mountains:

Are you planning a trip to the Smokies this winter and want to go fishing during your vacation? You are in luck! There are plenty of places to catch your next record-breaking fish during your winter vacation! We have made it easy for you and created a guide to winter fishing in the Smoky Mountains:

If you are planning a weekend vacation to the Smoky Mountains and are wondering what to do, you’ve come to the right place! The surrounding towns of Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, and Sevierville, have plenty of attractions, events, and beautiful nature at every corner! The winter season is very special in the Smokies. Enjoy delicious holiday foods and fantastic special events! Here is your perfect weekend itinerary for winter in the Smoky Mountains: