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Guest Blog from Ripley’s Entertainment of the Smokies

At Ripley’s we are ever changing and adding new additions to
our attractions to allow families to create new memories. This year we have
added new things everywhere to give yet another fresh touch. At the aquarium we
have brought in several new things for 2012. A new mermaid show lets families
watch live mermaids swim through a tank of stingrays and
sharks while dancing to their own special song. After this unique performance,
families can visit with the mermaids as they rise to the top of the water.
There is also the opportunity for children to have their pictures taken with a
live mermaid, or to get a professional makeover to dress up like a mermaid or
pirate. If you get the idea, while watching our mermaids, that you would like
to spend some time with our wildlife, you can sign up for our Splash with the
Stingrays. This gives guests the chance to put on a wet suit and hop in the
water with our stingrays. This firsthand experience allows you to pet our rays
as they swim across your lap. If stingrays or wet suits aren’t your thing,
check out our personal penguin experience. This gives your family the
opportunity to spend some private time with one of our penguins, the perfect
way to get a real feel for all of the personality that these little guys have.
If you still want more, let one of them paint you a picture. Yes, I did say let
a penguin paint you a picture. Watch them walk across a canvas, creating a
truly one of a kind piece of artwork.

Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies also wants to create and
help with your special events. We provide room and catering for birthday
parties, weddings, or wedding receptions. What a unique way to spend your
special days! Spend your time in our Jules Verne room complete with its very
own aquarium. Let us make your special event one to remember. Another program
offered is a chance to sleep with the sharks, or the penguins! Not like the
pirates used to say, but a chance to bring pack your bags and spend the night
with us and our friends!

Looking for an outdoor birthday party? Visit us at Old
Macdonald’s Mini-Golf. We now offer party packages including time on a private
course as well as a private party space. After the party stick around to enjoy
all three courses as well as spend some time in the arcade checking out all of
the games they have to offer. Party on
the farm with all of your family and friends!

New for Ripley’s Believe it Or Not! Odditorium always means
something that will leave you scratching your head. Check out a coffin created
to look like a giant crab, or some very unique artwork. See a picture of Sandra
Bullock made completely from candy, or Eminem made from, what else, M&Ms.
We have also added a portrait of Bob Marley made from a cassette tape, this
portrait might require some explanation to the kids listening to iPods.

If you remember our Moving Theater, you will love our newest
movie a film from Happy Feet the Movie. Mumbles Wild Ride will leave you
feeling chilly on a hot summer day. Another film offered is the bamboo express,
another ride that features the incredible special effects of this attraction!

Next, go next door
and check out our Haunted Adventure. The new effects and thrill rooms will
leave you horrified and running for your life!

Still thinking about that Bob Marley portrait? Check out our
Mirror Maze, an all-new infinity room with wall to wall mirrors. This room
features strobe lights and Pink Floyd, if you find your way out of the maze you
will be trying to find your way back into this room! If you make it out, move
next door to Guinness World Records Museum and check out our new interactive
exhibits. See what it looks like to have the skin on your face stretched six
inches, or see how strong you are by using a simulator to see how many blocks
you can punch through. Challenge your friends to see who can break the most!