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Smokies Romance

As I’m sure many of you know, this year is the 1,516
anniversary of Valentine’s Day. Ok, maybe you didn’t know that, but you do know
that on Tuesday, Feb. 14, there will be romance in the air. That means cards,
candy, flowers, poems, a set of 4 new tires (hey, romance is different for
everybody). And perhaps the one thing that most symbolizes romance is a

Now weddings mean different things to different
people. Some want the big version, with hundreds of guests, bridal gown with a
20-foot train, huge reception afterwards and a horse-drawn carriage taking the newlyweds
into the night. But others want something simpler, perhaps just the bride and
groom, or maybe a small party of no more than 10, a quick ceremony without the
bells and whistles. The good news is that no matter what you have in mind for
your wedding, you can find it in the Smokies.

Start by taking a look at our Wedding page. It has
lists of everything – what to wear, what to eat, where to get married, flowers,
music, etc. Perhaps you want to get married on a mountain, or by a stream, or
yes, even in a helicopter (talk about taking your marriage to new heights).
What about getting your marriage license? Need a massage before the big day, or
want to find a DJ for the reception? All that and more is available on the

From start to finish, rehearsal to honeymoon, the Wedding page can help
you plan your wedding. Look, this is the
one of, if not the, most memorable days of your life. Make it the way
you want it and create memories for the rest of your life.