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How to Plan a Honeymoon in the Smoky Mountains

After spending countless hours planning a wedding and reception, taking off to a honeymoon in the mountains is just what you and new spouses need to relax and enjoy the start of a life together. The Smoky Mountains have all that vacationers need to de-stress after wedding planning, so you can easily enjoy a private getaway or adventurous retreat all in the same location.

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How to Choose a Destination

Choosing a destination can be challenging with two personalities who want different things from a honeymoon. The easiest way to make a decision on location is to plan together by making a list of must-haves for the trip.

There are a variety of fun and exciting things to do in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, including attractions, entertainment, dining and outdoor adventure. Those who visit the Smokies always find a reason to come back because there’s always new things to see and do in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and through the cities. For couples who honeymoon in the Smoky Mountains, there’s no better way to commemorate the anniversary than a trip down memory lane. The Smokies are known as the wedding capital of the South, so why not spend your honeymoon here too!

When to Book

Wedding planners recommend booking a honeymoon destination, including flights and lodging, immediately after a reception venue has been chosen and reserved. In the Smoky Mountains, you can plan a honeymoon with any time frame because of the variety of lodging options throughout the area.

For some couples, the stress of the wedding prevents them from taking a honeymoon immediately after the ceremony and reception. Even if you plan to wait a few months for a true honeymoon trip, you can enjoy it just as much when traveling to the mountains because each distinct season is beautiful.

How to Choose Lodging

Vacationers can choose from a wide variety of lodging in the Smoky Mountains. Newly married couples can enjoy the privacy and scenic views of a cabin rental or the charm and coziness of a bed and breakfast. The area even boasts camping sites and condo complexes for a closer look at nature or extra home-like amenities.

With so many choices, the decision comes down to how you’d like to spend the trip. If you want a quiet, simple trip together, a bed and breakfast or chalet might be the right choice. For seclusion, panoramic views and a home to yourselves, a honeymoon cabin in Pigeon Forge may be just right.

Visit My Smokies has a full selection of lodging choices. Whether you want the privacy of a cabin or the coziness of a bed and breakfast, our Where to Stay tab features all the vacation choices offered in the area. See you in the Smokies!