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scarecrows lined in downtown gatlinburg

Gatlinburg Tries to Break World Record for Largest Scarecrow Display

Gatlinburg officials are going for a world record in Gatlinburg! The city is trying to bring home the Guinness World Record for the largest scarecrow display! The previous number to beat is 3,812 scarecrows on display, and the record is held by English city, Burton-upon-Trent. The initial count of scarecrows in Gatlinburg just came in, and it’s 4,325! However, before the new record becomes official, Guinness officials have to confirm it. We’ve got all the details on the world record and Gatlinburg’s attempts to break it!

New World Record in Gatlinburg

scarecrow display in front of ripley's aquariumGatlinburg officials had two ideas: to set a new record for most scarecrows in one town, or to break the record for most scarecrows in one display. They decided to break the record for most scarecrows in one display. The previous record set in Burton-upon-Trent has 3,812 scarecrows that are lined up shoulder to shoulder. Local businesses in Gatlinburg were encouraged to purchase scarecrows, and officials spent time drawing up other ideas to collect them. Both businesses and the community were involved in attempting to break the record. The Gatlinburg Convention and Visitors Bureau bought thousands of scarecrows to set up in downtown Gatlinburg, and business owners and residents also bought and made their own to help out! The scarecrows are set up all throughout downtown Gatlinburg, but you can see the largest groups of them near Anakeesta, Ripley’s Aquarium, and along River Road and Cherokee Orchard Road. The initial count of the scarecrows reached an incredible 4,325!

Other World Records in Gatlinburg

The largest scarecrow display isn’t the only world record that’s been attempted in Gatlinburg. Some have even had success in breaking world records! Here are some of the world records that have been set in Gatlinburg or by Gatlinburg natives:

Highest Vertical Height Walked on Stilts: Mount LeConte is 6,593 feet tall and the third highest peak in the Smoky Mountains. Ashrita Furman made his way to Mount LeConte’s summit while wearing stilts! He took the Trillium Gap Trail all the way to the top using peg stilts that were over 3 feet tall.

bowl of cherries with stemsMost Cherry Stems Knotted in One Minute: Al Gliniecki visited the Guinness World Records Museum in Gatlinburg and successfully knotted 14 cherry stems in one minute! He’s been given the nickname of “TongueTyed Al.”

Heaviest Watermelon: Gatlinburg native and current Sevierville resident, Chris Kent, set the Guinness World Record for the heaviest watermelon on Earth, weighing in at 350.5 pounds. The record was set at the Operation Pumpkin Festival in Hamilton, Ohio.

Fastest Time to Clear a Level of Ms. Pacman: Philip Bankston of Ponchatoula, Louisiana visited the Guinness World Records Museum and used his speed gaming skills to set a new record. He became the first person to clear one level of Ms. Pacman in 34.56 seconds.

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Guinness World Records Museum in Gatlinburg

world records museum in gatlinburgIf you’re interested in finding out more about world records and even setting one of your own, there is no better place to visit than the Guinness World Records Museum in Gatlinburg! At this Gatlinburg attraction, you can see the Guinness Book of World Records come to life. There are unbelievable exhibits, authentic memorabilia, displays, games, trivia, and more. If you want to test your skills at breaking a record, visit the Largest Interactive Challenge Gallery! The gallery features more than 20 interactive games and challenges including Block Breaker, Quick Draw, and Frisbee Toss.

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