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Snow covered mountaintops in the Smoky Mountains

18 Signs Smoky Mountains Winter Weather is Right Around the Corner

Even though the fall leaf season isn’t over just yet, there’s many early signs that winter may be on the way. The fall leaves have hit their peak in many areas of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and the weather is quickly beginning to cool down.

Many families are starting to plan for their Smoky Mountains winter vacation, so it’s time to start figuring out what you’ll need to pack so you can be prepared for your vacation. Here’s a few signs that winter is on its way, and the benefits that the cold winter can bring.

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According to the Farmers’ Almanac, there are many signs that winter is on its way. If you see any of these signs, winter is going to be colder and harsher than most seasons:View of the snow covered Smoky Mountain valley

  1. Corn husks: Thicker than normal
  2. August: Many heavy fogs
  3. Sun and Moon: Frequent halos or rings forecast numerous snowfalls
  4. Acorns: Unusual abundance
  5. Woodpeckers: Sharing trees
  6. Geese and Ducks: Early arrival
  7. Monarch Butterfly: Early migration
  8. Cows: Thick hair on the back of their neck
  9. Raccoons: Thicker tails
  10. Mice: Eating ravenously into the home
  11. Crickets: Early arrival
  12. Spiders: Spinning larger webs and entering homes in greater numbers
  13. Pigs: Gathering sticks
  14. Insects: Marching a bee line rather than wandering
  15. Bees: Early seclusion within the hive
  16. Muskrate: Burrowing holes higher on river banks
  17. Woolly Caterpillars: Narrow orange band means heavy snow, fat and fuzzy means bitter cold
  18. Squirrel: Gathering nuts earlier than normal seasons

Benefits of a Colder Winter in the Smoky Mountains

Snowy Smoky Mountains in the winterTree Killing Bugs Die

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park officials do a wonderful job of keeping up with all of the insects and bugs that invade the trees in the park. With the colder winter weather, the number of tree-killing bugs may be greatly reduced. Many of the bugs can’t handle the cold or freezing temperatures, so they will die off.

Live a Longer Life

The cold winter weather can mean a longer life…if you’re a worm or a mouse, that is. Studies have proven that worms and mice who are exposed to colder temperatures, live a longer life. Studies have not yet proven the benefits for people, but it is likely that the same research applies.

Experience Snow in the Smoky Mountains

Not always, but often times, colder weather means more snow. Everyone loves being ‘snowed in’ to their cabin rentals, and we think this year is the perfect season to try it out if you haven’t yet! Pack up some hot chocolate and marshmallows, sit by the fire and enjoy the evening as you gaze out into the snowy winter weather covering the Smoky Mountains.

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