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4 Things You Should Know About the Pigeon Forge TN Trolley

While visiting Pigeon Forge, you may have noticed many of the trolleys that stroll the streets. The Pigeon Forge TN trolley is one of the area’s most popular ways to get around to your favorite restaurants, shopping and attractions – but that’s not all. You can take the trolley to almost anywhere in Pigeon Forge. Because even regular visitors to Pigeon Forge may not know much about the trolley, you’ll find some great things below to help you out.

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1. There are dozens of Pigeon Forge TN trolley stops available.

While visiting Pigeon Forge, you and your group are probably going to take a few trips to different area attractions, so instead of taking a car or two, everyone can hop on the trolley. With over 100 stops in the area, and over 40 along the Parkway alone, you can get to just about anywhere you want to go by taking this great mode of transportation. Because there are some many stops available, trolleys are constantly cruising around to pick up guests, and there is hardly any wait time at all. All of these stops makes the trolley very convenient, and also a great way to save your own gas.

2.Unlimited route day-passes are availablePatriot Park in Pigeon Forge.

When you visit Pigeon Forge any other season of the year, you can purchase an all-day pass if you plan on using the trolley for several stops during the day. The all day pass is $3, and individual one way fares cost $1 per person. Using the all day pass can be useful when traveling to many different locations. Not only will you save money by using the trolley, but also time. You don’t have to spend any time finding a parking spot, which adds up when taking into consideration the amount of places you plan on stopping, instead you can just have the trolley drop you off and pick you up at any trolley stop, all day long. You can purchase your all-day passes at the trolley office.The main trolley office is located at Patriot Park. You can also park at Patriot Park and catch a trolley there, then be dropped off there at the end of your day. Also keep in mind that the day passes only work for Pigeon Forge trolleys.

3.You can get to your favorite places in Pigeon Forge and save money.

The Pigeon Forge TN trolley makes multiple stops to your favorite attractions within minutes of each other. This is awesome because some of the best attractions require you to pay for parking that can sometimes be a little costly. For example, the trolley offers constant trips back and forth to Dollywood amusement park and Dolly’s Splash Country for only $2.50. When you compare that to the $12 parking at Dollywood for a standard vehicle, you can save a lot of money by using the trolley. You also get dropped off right at the Dollywood ticket entrance, which will save you more time and energy because you don’t have to travel from the parking lot to the entrance. Take a look at the trolley route fares for more information.

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4. There are 6 different routes.

The trolley offers its passengers 6 different routes for convenience of traveling to your destination. The routes include: the North Parkway route, the South Parkway route, the Gatlinburg Welcome Center, Dollywood, Dolly’s Splash Country and Wears Valley. These routes cover areas from Governor’s Crossing Mall and Walmart all the way to Wears Valley and traffic light #10 near the entrance of Gatlinburg. You can take a look at the Pigeon Forge TN trolley map for more information on routes, and also remember that Dollywood and Dolly’s Splash Country routes only arrive and depart at the main office in Patriot Park.

For more information on the trolley, its routes, fares and other information, you can find everything else you need to know, here.