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Behind The Scenes Of Jim Cameron’s Titanic Pigeon Forge TN

Titanic on the oceanVisitors to the Titanic Museum in Pigeon Forge, TN are thrilled by an exhibit on display from January 23 – December 31 which allows them to take a behind the scenes tour of the making of the world-famous Titanic movie. Artifacts from the making of the movie, such as scripts, costumes and props along with collectibles will be on display for visitors to learn from and to view.

The Titanic Museum in Pigeon Forge, TN appears on many people’s lists of what to do in Pigeon Forge. Upon entering this famous museum, visitors are given a name of one of the passengers from the ill-fated Titanic voyage. At the end of the tour, they find out if the person whose name they were given was a survivor of the catastrophe, or whether that person perished along with hundreds of others.

The museum is filled with artifacts from the Titanic, personal belongings of its passengers and interactive activities that offer unique learning experiences for visitors. Visitors can find out how cold the water actually was, touch a man-made iceberg and make an interesting attempt at steering the ship away from the disastrous iceberg. Very few people are able to use the wheel provided to steer it away. Overwhelmingly, most people steer the ship into the iceberg just the way it happened over 100 years ago.

History buffs are fascinated by these artifacts and by learning the passenger stories. Hearing the stories puts a very personal spin on the depth and breadth of this catastrophic shipwreck. People who have visited this museum leave with brand new knowledge of one of the most famous events in history.

Seeing artifacts from the making of the movie is interesting to many due to the overwhelming success of James Cameron’s Titanic movie. Titanic Pigeon Forge TN provides a glimpse into this historic event unlike anything most people have ever seen before. On any trip to historic and beautiful Pigeon Forge, one of the best plans visitors can make is to see the Titanic Museum and spend an afternoon learning while browsing through these historic treasures.

Seeing the Titanic Museum in Pigeon Forge brings history that usually is printed on pages for reading into more realistic and easier to relate to experiences. Visitors leave with memories of an awe-inspiring display of courage and bravery. They also leave with stories of heroism that stay with them long afterwards.