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Top Pigeon Forge Attractions

Titanic on the oceanLooking to plan the next action-packed vacation? Then Pigeon Forge is a destination of choice. Whether it is dining, shopping, theater, museums or outdoor adventures, there are Pigeon Forge attractions for everyone.


Perhaps one of the most well-known Pigeon Forge attractions, Dollywood is a theme park with a southern feel. Named after famous country singer and actress Dolly Parton, this amusement park has received many accolades both nationally and internationally. Dollywood features thrilling rides and southern cuisine in a fun family atmosphere.


Goblins and dragons and treasure, oh my! For those who enjoy the fantasy and magic of medieval lore, MagiQuest is the attraction to visit. Get lost in the largest mirror maze in the world, or check out the 18- hole golf park. This castle is sure to please all members of the family.

The Tomb

Take a step back into ancient history while working together with a team to overcome challenging tasks. After being held hostage by the spirit of an angry Pharaoh, it is up to the group to successfully navigate their way through this 45 minute attraction.


This unique museum offers a slew of hands-on activities to both challenge and engage the mind. Upon first encountering the building, the first thing that catches the eye is the fact that the building is completely upside down. Special attractions found inside Wonderworks include a simulation of the 1989 San Francisco earthquake.

The Titanic Museum

Titanic enthusiasts will be delighted to visit this historical museum featuring the ill-fated ship. Over 400 artifacts from the actual ship are housed inside. Guests can also experience the deep chill of 28 degree water as well as touch an iceberg. Explore the bowels of this ship on a self-guided tour on Titanic Pigeon Forge.


For the adrenaline junkies, there is the Zorb. This giant sphere allows the daring to jump inside and then catapult down a 700 ft. hillside of the Smoky Mountains. With a number of tracks and ride configurations to choose from, this attraction has something to offer the shyest novice as well as the seasoned daredevil. Zorb is available for heart-pumping fun 365 days a year regardless of the weather.