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5 of the Best Snacks From Buc-ee’s in Sevierville

You’ve never experienced a pit stop as adventurous as one at Buc-ee’s in Sevierville! Buc-ee’s isn’t just any gas station and convenience store; it’s a world of its own packed to the brim with one-of-a-kind snacks, specialty gifts and more! This 74,000-square-foot store is a must-visit the next time you make your way to the Smoky Mountains, providing the perfect place to refuel at one of its 120 gas pumps, hit the restroom and stock up on snacks for the road. Here are 5 of the best snacks from Buc-ee’s in Sevierville:

1. Beaver Nuggets

beaver nuggetsBuc-ee’s signature snack is one you have to try! Beaver nuggets are corn puff snacks with plenty of crunch and flavor. They come in a variety of different flavors so there’s surely one to tickle your taste buds. The original beaver nuggets taste similar to Kellogg’s Corn Pops cereal with a sweet coating of syrup! Additional flavors of Buc-ee’s beaver nuggets include Cinnamon Sweet and Sea Salted Caramel. Buc-ee’s Nug-ee’s are similar to the nuggets, coming in savory varieties such as White Cheddar, White Cheddar Habanero and Bold N’ Sorta Spicy.

2. Jerky

The jerky from Buc-ee’s in Sevierville is so addictive that there’s an entire wall filled with prepackaged bags! Or, better yet, head to the jerky counter where dozens of jerky varieties and other dried meat treats await! These beef strips were cured and smoked to make delicious snacks that offer an easy and convenient option for the car ride. The options are endless with flavors that include Bohemian Garlic, Ghost Pepper, Mesquite Peppered, Lemon Peppered, Teriyaki, Sweet & Spicy, Cherry Maple and many more.

3. Trail Mix

trail mixNeed snacks for the rest of your adventures? Perhaps you’re looking for something delicious and easy to take with you on a Smoky Mountain hike? Trail Mix from Buc-ee’s in Sevierville is the way to go! These road trip favorites come in several different options, featuring a variety of nuts and other snacks. The Classic Trail Mix is always a good bet, while choices like Trail Blazin’ Crunch, Peanut Butter Blast, Sweet & Savory and Southwest are bursting with mouth-watering flavors.

4. Homemade Rice Crispy Treats

Get your sugar fix in a form that was once a childhood favorite! Buc-ee’s makes its very own rice crispy treats in a number of different flavors. The gooey marshmallow goodness combines with a fantastic crunch in a snack both you and the kids will love. Fruity Pebbles and Salted Caramel rice crispy treats are packed with palate pleasing flavor while the original rice crispy is always a favorite!

5. Fudge

sweets at Buc-eesDid someone say fudge? Oh, yes! An entire counter complete with different varieties of homemade fudge awaits at Buc-ee’s in Sevierville! Whether you opt for the classic chocolate fudge or more adventurous choices like Banana Pudding, Birthday Cake, Chewy Praline, Mint Chocolate, Peanut Butter and more, you’re going to love these decadent, creamy and dreamy snacks. Not sure what you want? Ask for a free sample to see what you think!

Buc-ee’s in Sevierville is your one-stop shop for scrumptious snacks, fuel and novelty gifts in the Smoky Mountains! Before you make your first visit, check out some things you can’t miss at Buc-ee’s!