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Sevierville Store Offers Amish Wares

When you think of the Amish, you probably think of areas in Pennsylvania, Ohio,
Indiana or New York. You probably know of their well-regarded works, such as
furniture, quilts and food. The good news is that you don’t have to go to those
places to get some Amish goods, because we have them here in Sevier County.


Amish Creations & Country Market is located on the parkway in Sevierville. This is a family-owned
business that has had a presence in the Smoky Mountain community for 20 years.
They have cookbooks and books about home remedies. You’ll find neat ways to fix
common problems in the remedies books and outstanding recipes in the cook
books. There are also kitchen utensils, placemats, napkins, and table runners. You
know those really cool metal stars you’ve seen on barns and buildings? They
have those for sale also. And not the mention the most amazing rocking chairs
around. Often times you can see a front
porch full of good folks sitting a spell along the front porch area.


who are the Amish? The Amish church began in Switzerland in the 1600’s. In the
early 1800’s, many Amish immigrated to Pennsylvania. They are known for their
plain, simple lifestyle. While not all Amish subscribe to the same
philosophies, most are known for rejecting modern conveniences. No television,
no internet, no cars. In recent years, studies have indicated that their
population is increasing. (Tell me what other destination blog gives you
history lessons also? That’s just part of the added value of Visit My Smokies).


are lots of places in The Smoky Mountain area to shop. And most have really good
products. But only a few have that something different than the rest. Amish
Creations & Country Market probably has stuff you didn’t know you needed,
but once you go in, you’ll realize you do.