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5 Things You’ll Love About The Escape Game Pigeon Forge

If you’re in search of an exciting adventure on your Smoky Mountain vacation, we have just what you’re looking for! Put your skills to the test and see if you have what it takes to conquer an escape game. The Escape Game Pigeon Forge offers challenging and immersive experiences for visitors to enjoy. To help you learn more about why you should visit, we’ve made a list of the top 5 things you’ll love about it.

1. 5 Different Adventures

The best part about visiting The Escape Game Pigeon Forge is that you get to choose your own adventure! There are 5 different rooms, each telling its own story. You’ll only have 60 minutes to make your way out of each of the rooms, so you’ll be in a race against the clock! Learn more about each of the escape rooms here:

prison bars in a cellPrison Break: In this escape room, you’ve been wrongfully accused of a crime and sentenced to life in prison. You’re being kept in a cell that belonged to an inmate who disappeared without a trace, and some say he was killed by the cruel warden. You have to escape before you suffer the same fate!

Gold Rush: Go on the hunt for gold in this escape room. You’ve been tipped off to where a greedy gold prospector has stashed his gold, and you have to make it there before the mob finds it first!

The Heist: In The Heist, you have just 60 minutes to recover a priceless painting. Make your way into the museum curator’s office, grab the painting and slip away before he returns!

Mission: Mars: You’ve just landed your spacecraft on Mars for a mission, but it got major damage during the descent. There is a large amount of cosmic radiation heading toward Mars, which will make it impossible for you to get back home! Fix your ship and launch back to Earth in 60 minutes.

Classified: In this escape room, you and your team are a group of military personnel assigned to a critical covert mission. It’s your job to stop a major international threat by gathering details and infiltrating the masterminds’ evil plan.

2. Great Group Activity

group of friends in a circleThe Escape Game Pigeon Forge is a great group activity! It’s the perfect way for everyone to spend quality time together having fun. No one will feel left out as you work together to complete the mission and escape. It’s also helpful when it comes to team building! Working together in an escape room helps boost morale and improves communication and collaboration. You’ll have a blast throughout the challenging and fun experience!

3. Offers Private Experiences

If you don’t have a big enough group but don’t want to be placed with strangers, you’re in luck! The Escape Game Pigeon Forge offers private experiences. You can upgrade from a shared experience to a private experience so that you and everyone you’re with are the only people in the room together. At checkout, you’ll have the opportunity to block the remaining spots in your room for 30% off retail price.

4. Custom Designs & Surprising Twists

The Escape Game is unlike any other escape game in Pigeon Forge! Everything is custom designed. Their adventures are built from scratch using their prop warehouse and robotics to bring each room to life. The designs aren’t the only things that make it stand out though. Throughout the games, you should expect the unexpected! Each adventure is filled with new revelations and curveballs that keep you guessing until the last second.

5. Make Incredible Memories

group of friends excited togetherAnd of course the best part about playing The Escape Game is being able to make incredible memories with your family and friends. You’ll all have a blast working together and laughing as you try to escape. It’s even more fun when you come out victorious. Your experience in an escape room will be one you’ll never forget, and all of you will leave feeling even closer once you finish!

Plan Your Trip to The Escape Game Today

Now that you know more about The Escape Game Pigeon Forge and the things you’ll love about it, we bet you can’t wait to visit!. Check out all the other fun things to do in the Smoky Mountains, then start planning your trip!