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New Addition Recently Added to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park Family

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Smoky Mountains covered in snow in the winterDid you know that the Great Smoky Mountains National Park has a sister? Earlier this year officials with the national park signed an agreement with the Khao Yai National Park in Thailand to establish the park’s first ever sister park arrangement.

What Does This Mean?

Officially signed on September 20, 2013, this agreement states that the two national parks agree to communicate with one another and share resources to better understand and combat problems facing their parks. Basically what that means is that the two parks have agreed to join together in their efforts into better understanding ways to preserve the cultural and environmental resources.

According to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park Service’s page on the Sister Park Initiative, often times national parks from the United States will partner with parks in protected areas in Central and South America, Africa and Asia because of the mutual link between the two created by migratory species. Because of this connection, the two joined parks are able to work hand in hand to better understand the habits and needs for the species that call both parks home.

Why Thailand?

Great Smoky Mountains National Park decided that Khao Yai National Park was a good fit for them based on the many similarities the two parks share. Both parks are the most visited national park in their respective country, include a significant amount of biodiversity, and are wildly popular because of their wildlife, streams, waterfalls and healthy mountain scenery.

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