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Visit the Smokies for a Quick Vacation

The flurry of the holidays is over and for most people, it’s time to get back to the routine –school, work, weekends, school, work ,weekends, etc. And while many of you may think that doesn’t leave time for a vacation, you’d be oh so wrong! There are plenty of opportunities for a quick getaway that is filled with activities.

Start off by checking out the Where to Stay
section of the Web site. B&Bs, cabins, chalets, campgrounds, and condos of
all types to fit parties of all sizes are easily searchable. We’ve got several
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Next, look under What to Do to choose
the options that suit you. Events, attractions, shopping, dining, Smoky
Mountains, arts and crafts, weddings – if you can’t find something to do here,
you’ll have a hard time finding something to do anywhere! We’ve also got
information on the cities, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, maps and
transportation, even locations of grocery stores. There’s even a section where
you can print coupons
to save money during your stay.

Don’t forget that Monday, January 16 is Martin
Luther King, Jr. Day. The long weekend is a perfect time to come to Sevier
County and see what the Smokies have to offer.