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A butterfly flower arrangement at the entrance to Dollywood in Pigeon Forge.

8 Old Dollywood Rides That No Longer Exist

Dollywood has definitely changed over the years. From Rebel Railroad to Silver Dollar City, this theme park has gone through plenty of changes. We want to travel down memory lane and remember some of the rides that were at Dollywood but no longer exist. Here are 8 Dollywood rides that no longer exist and will make you feel nostalgic:

1. Thunder Road/White Lightnin’

dreamsong theaterIf you didn’t know, Thunder Road/White Lightnin’ was a moving seat ride. There was a pre-recorded video you’d watch with a storyline, and the seats would move along with the story. Now, Dollywood’s Dreamsong Theater is the resident at the theater, which is home to the “My People” show.

2. Adventure Mountain

During the 25th season of Dollywood, Adventure Mountain was the newest attraction. It was a multiple story ropes and obstacle course. Kids loved it, and adults would go through the course as well. People were harnessed into the attraction to stay safe. This attraction was replaced with the Firechaser Express roller coaster.

3. Country Fair Falls

country fair sign dollywoodA popular Dollywood ride that doesn’t exist anymore was Country Fair Falls. This ride was created for the 1964 World’s Fair in New York. It was brought to the area when the theme park was Gold Rush Junction in the late 1960s. It stayed in the park until 2004, when it was torn down to make room for the Country Fair expansion.

4. Flooded Mine Ride

The Flooded Mine Ride was a float-through water ride left over from Silver Dollar City. The theme was a flood in a mine. Part of the tunnel for this ride is left standing for the ride that took its place: Daredevil Falls.

5. Timber Tower

dropline dollywoodWhen Timber Tower was built, everyone was excited to try this new Dollywood ride. It was a tall tower with a 40-person gondola that spun and tilted. However, this ride had many problems, including an incident where guests were stuck on the ride for about 6 hours! Eventually, it was removed. Now, Drop Line stands where Timber Tower once stood.

6. Thunder Express

Thunder Express was a runaway mine car roller coaster. It was the first outdoor roller coaster at Dollywood. It featured two trains, and it was added in Dollywood’s 4th season.

7. River Battle

Dollywood CouponsA ride loved by many kids was River Battle. It was a slow-moving floating ride where you could shoot water pistols at other boats and guests not on the ride. By the time you got off the boat, you were probably soaking wet. Today, the Plaza at Wilderness Pass is what takes up this space, and it’s great for relaxing.

8. Mountain Slidewinder

A long-time favorite Dollywood ride that no longer exists is the Mountain Slidewinder. You’d make a long trek up a paved path to get to the top of this water ride where you’d ride a toboggan with multiple seats down a water slide. The ride was unpredictable, and you’d inevitably get wet at the end. After 32 years, this ride was retired.

These Dollywood rides may no longer be there, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have fun when you visit the theme park! Ready to plan your trip to Dollywood? Here are rides at Dollywood you have to try!