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New Magic Show in Pigeon Forge Now Open at Parkway Playhouse

There’s a new magic show in town you won’t want to miss! This exciting attraction features a TikTok star and America’s Got Talent stars performing optical illusions you have to see to believe! Learn more about this new magic show in Pigeon Forge that’s now open at Parkway Playhouse:

The Show at Parkway Playhouse

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When you see this new show at Parkway Playhouse, you’ll be entertained by all kinds of magicians! The headliner is Freckled Zelda, a TikTok star known for singing and playing the ocarina while being dressed like a fairy. You’ll get to see her perform all kinds of special effects and illusions. Plus, there’s a real unicorn kids of all ages will love to see!

In addition to Freckled Zelda, you’ll also get to witness the amazing magic of America’s Got Talent stars, Kadan and Brooklyn Rockett. Watch as they make a checkered taxi appear out of nowhere, and see Kadan attempt one of the most death-defying feats of illusion!

During the show, audience members are invited to participate in the fun. These participants are chosen at random, but if you want to have someone be a part of the show, you can call the theater and request your friend or family member to be invited onstage to assist or have their name used in the act in a comical way.

You don’t want to miss out on this mysterious magic show in Pigeon Forge!

Escape Rooms at Parkway Playhouse

escape gamesNot only can you see an incredible magic show at Parkway Playhouse, you can also play escape games! As of now, there are two themes to choose from: Houdini the Husky’s Magical Escape Room and Freckled Zelda’s Freckled Forest Escape Room. Houdini’s Escape Room is based on real life events and takes you through a heartwarming story where futuristic technology merges with reality. In Zelda’s Escape Room, you’ll go on a magical journey through Freckled Forest!

Both the show and escape rooms are now open at Parkway Playhouse!

Other Shows in Pigeon Forge

If you love the magical performance at Parkway Playhouse, you may want to see another show in Pigeon Forge while you’re in town! Here are some of the top shows you can’t miss:

Lumberjack Feud

lumberjack feud showA show you don’t want to miss is Paula Deen’s Lumberjack Feud! Watch as the Dawsons and McGraws compete in 13 different lumberjack events, from axe throwing to the log roll. Your heart will pound as you watch these lumberjacks race across logs in the pool or climb to the top of a 60-foot tower! You will love cheering on your lumberjack family!

Pirates Voyage

Another competition show in Pigeon Forge your family will enjoy is Pirates Voyage Dinner and Show. Watch as the crews of the Sapphire and Crimson ships race to see who finds the buried treasure first. There are life-size pirate ships floating in a lagoon, and you get to watch the pirates perform incredible aerial stunts, acrobatic tricks, and much more!

Comedy Barn

comedy barn in pigeon forgeDoes your family love to laugh? Then you need to see the show at the Comedy Barn! Everyone will laugh until they cry during this hilarious performance. Parents will feel comfortable taking their kids to see this clean variety show, and you might even be chosen to participate in some of the fun!

You will love seeing the new magic show and these other exciting shows in Pigeon Forge! For even more fun, check out these other attractions in the Smoky Mountains!