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4 Dollywood Coupons & Discounts Guaranteed to Save You Money

Each year, millions of people visit Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, making it one of the most popular Pigeon Forge attractions. When you’re planning your family vacation, we want you to be able to save as much money as possible for your trip, so make sure you keep each of these Dollywood coupons and discounts handy for when you start planning.

To experience all that Dollywood has to offer at a cheaper price, take a look at these ways to save money:

1. Season Pass

If you plan to spend more than 2 days at the park, you’ll actually save money by purchasing a season pass. You can purchase a single-day ticket, and if you decide you want to upgrade that ticket to a season pass, you can do so before you leave the park that day. With a season pass, you can visit Dollywood as many times as you want throughout that specific season. The cost of one season pass is less than the price of two visits to the theme park! If you upgrade to a Gold season pass, you’ll also get free parking, saving you $15 a visit, and 20% off food, drinks and merchandise.

2. Trolley Ride

Just about everything that you do at Dollywood is included with an admission ticket or season pass. The only things you will have to purchase are food, refreshments, souvenirs and parking. To save money, we recommend riding the Pigeon Forge trolley instead of parking at Dollywood. The cost to park is $15, and the cost to ride the trolley is just $2.50 per person. A family of 4 can save $5 by riding the trolley! You can park your vehicle at Patriot Park for free, then catch the trolley right there. Be sure to have exact change. 

3. Refillable Drink Mug

Planning to purchase many drinks during your visits to Dollywood? When you first arrive to the park, you can get a refillable drink mug! The mug is yours to keep for the entire season and refills of drinks throughout the park are relatively cheap. To save even more, choose to drink water throughout the day. Not only is water the best choice to keep you hydrated during all the excitement, but it’s free! You can walk up to any of the restaurants or food stands in the park and ask for a free cup of water.

4. Avoid Renting a Locker

Another great way to save money at Dollywood is to only bring the necessities with you, and keep them in a small bag you won’t mind carrying around all day. Dollywood does have lockers available to rent, but the Front Gate Lockers are $9 and $12, and Ride Lockers are $7. There is a space available at each ride where you can leave your bag, so we recommend taking advantage of that and leaving all your valuables in the car or back in your vacation rental.

It’s really easy to save money at Dollywood, and we want to help you with other Dollywood tips and Dollywood coupons, too! For more details about Dollywood and ways to save money, take a look at 14 Dollywood Tips for Saving Money at the Park.