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Top 7 New Attractions in Pigeon Forge 2015

There’s so many new things to do in the area, so planning which attractions to visit is always fun. Check out these new attractions in Pigeon Forge 2015 for your next vacation:

1. Island Ropes Course

Man riding on new ropes course attraction at The IslandThe Island in Pigeon Forge is constantly expanding! They started with just a couple of restaurants and the Great Smoky Mountain Wheel, but now it’s filling up with so much to do you could spend an entire day there!

The Ropes Course just opened at The Island. It took the place of the carousel in the center of the attraction, but it’s quickly becoming popular. The ropes course is an outdoor adventure that is perfect for kids and adults of all ages! The smaller course is set up for kids ages 2-7, up to 48” tall. The larger course is designed for all ages, but if you’re 42”-48” tall, you’ll need a chaperone. The adult course is $15 per person and the children’s course is $5 per child.

Paula Deen's Family Kitchen in Pigeon Forge2. Paula Deen’s Restaurant in Pigeon Forge

Of course, one of the new attractions in Pigeon Forge 2015 is Paula Deen’s Restaurant. People are coming from all around just to join in on the fun! To learn more, check out: ‘What to Expect When You Visit Paula Deen’s Restaurant in Pigeon Forge.’

3. Emery’s 5 & 10

Looking for a perfect gift or souvenir, but just not sure what to buy? Check out Emery’s! Now open at The Island, Emery’s 5 & 10 has a selection you can’t beat! With so much to choose from, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for, from household gadgets and gifts to Pigeon Forge souvenirs.

4. Street Performances

Have you ever seen The Island’s street performer? If you spend a day at The Island, you’re sure to see him! You’ll find him stopping throughout the area to perform, so don’t miss it!

Watch the video to see more about The Island in Pigeon Forge:

View of the Old Mill Restaurant across the pond in Pigeon Forge

5. Farmhouse Kitchen Expansion at The Old Mill Square Pigeon Forge

Of course, one of the most popular attractions in Pigeon Forge is the Old Mill and the Old Mill Square. The Old Mill Square is expanding and adding to their beautiful location this year, so of course, it made it to our list of top new attractions in Pigeon Forge 2015. This year, they’ll be expanding their Farmhouse Kitchen with a demonstration area, adding a take out cooler and so much more. To find out all the details about the changes happening at the Old Mill Square Pigeon Forge, click here.

6. Outdoor Gravity Park Ride

The new Outdoor Gravity Park is now open in Pigeon Forge! This new attraction in Pigeon Forge is quite similar to the Zorb attraction that was once at the location. The ride is simple: You jump into an 11 foot sphere, then you take a roll down the 1,000 foot hill. The water inside makes it a fun experience as you slip and slide down the hill. There will be dry rides available, soon, but we recommend packing your bathing suit and a towel and trying out this unique slip and slide!

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7. Darren Romeo Magic Show

Magic Beyond Belief has added a new matinee act, Darren Romeo! This show is different than any other magic show you’ve seen because Darren is not only a magician–he sings, too! You’ll enjoy his vocal performances as he shocks the audience with illusions, impersonations and comedy. It’s a new experience, one like you’ve never seen before!

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