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Toy Box Mini Golf: New Place to Play Mini Golf in Pigeon Forge Now Open

If you’ve been to Pigeon Forge before, you know mini golf is a popular vacation pastime! There are several places to play mini golf in Pigeon Forge, but a unique mini golf course in Pigeon Forge is Toy Box Mini Golf! Find out more about this new place to play mini golf in Pigeon Forge:

Toy Box Mini Golf

Toy Box Mini Golf is the world’s first toy themed mini golf course. You’ll feel like you’ve stepped into “Honey I’ve Shrunk the Kids” with this 18-hole giant toy wonderland! Enjoy all of the nostalgic toys you’ll see as you play a few rounds of mini golf. Some of the features along the course include RC cars, Barbie, Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em robots, dinosaurs, and much more. This is a great family, date, or friends activity to do while you’re on vacation.

In addition to the mini golf course, this attraction has a laser maze where you test your spy skills by trying to make it through the maze without setting off a laser. Take pictures in front of giant toy photo ops. Plus, Toy Box Mini Golf has exclusive kids mystery packages. Toy Box Mini Golf is now open!

Places to Play Mini Golf in Pigeon Forge

We know you will have a blast playing a few rounds at Toy Box Mini Golf! If you just can’t get enough mini golf on your trip, check out these other mini golf courses in Pigeon Forge:

Crave Golf Course

crave golf courseOne of the most popular places to play mini golf is Crave Golf Course. This is the world’s first mini golf course that is themed around candy and desserts. They have an outdoor rooftop mini golf course with all kinds of fun features, including jelly beans. The indoor course has stacks of cake and ice cream, along with all kinds of challenges along the courses to make it fun. There’s also miniature bowling, escape games, and a candy counter.

Professor Hacker’s Lost Treasure Golf

Want to go on an adventure when you play mini golf in Pigeon Forge? Head over to Professor Hacker’s Lost Treasure Golf! You can’t miss the two courses with a pirate ship in a lagoon, an airplane, and a volcano with a waterfall! Ride to the top of the hill in a mine car and work your way through the courses with all kinds of challenges. People of all ages love playing at Professor Hacker’s!

Fantasy Golf

mini-golf-pigeon-forgeFantasy Golf is another great mini golf course where you and your family can have a blast playing together. You’ll see a dragon, mermaid, and all kinds of other fantasy creatures as you go through the course.

Safari Mini Golf at The Track

If you decide to visit The Track in Pigeon Forge, you can play mini golf at their safari themed golf course! Go through the challenging holes with bumps and other features. Plus, you’ll get to enjoy the giraffes, elephants, lions, and other creatures you might see on a safari!

We know you can’t wait to play at Toy Box Mini Golf! Wondering what else you can do other than play mini golf? Check out these other things to do in the Smoky Mountains for some fun on your next trip!