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25 pound apple pie at dollywood

Have You Seen the 25-Pound Apple Pie at Dollywood?

Only at Dollywood will you be able to enjoy 25 pounds of your favorite dessert! Have you heard about the delicious, homemade apple pie at Dollywood, where one slice is big enough to feed the whole family? Next time you’re at Dollywood, make sure to stop by Spotlight Bakery to grab a slice — or buy the whole pie to bring back home with you! At Visit My Smokies, we’ve got your inside scoop on this famous 25-pound apple pie at Dollywood.

What’s in It

apple pie fillingThe Dollywood apple pie is a melt-in-your-mouth pastry that is made from scratch and baked in a cast iron skillet to guarantee a nice, flaky crust. The filling is made of about 35 aromatic apples, a hint of cinnamon, butter and sugar. The pies are baked fresh every day! It’s sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. You can order by the slice, or splurge and get the entire pie! An individual slice weighs 3 pounds and can feed about 4 adults, so for only $18.99, you’ll have plenty of pie to go around. The price for the whole pie is $189.99 plus tax, and you can even get the cast iron skillet it’s baked in to go along with it!

How It’s Made

Are you wondering how this tasty treat gets made? With delicious ingredients and a little bit of love! The filling for the pie is made by mixing the apples by hand in the brown sugar cinnamon, sugar and butter. Then, the pie is topped off with a perfect lattice. After a quick baste with more butter and a little sugar sprinkled on top, it’s placed in the oven where it bakes for about 3 hours at 350 degrees until the crust is a perfect golden color. The bakery has been making one of these pies every day for the past 8 years!

The Hallmark Channel visited Dollywood and got a behind-the-scenes look at how the apple pie is made. Take a look at their video below.

Where You Can Find It

This 25-pound apple pie can only be found at the Spotlight Bakery in the Dollywood Theme Park. The bakery is located in the Showstreet section of the park, right near the entrance. If you can’t make it to Dollywood but still want to try some of its famous 25-pound apple pie, you’re in luck. Spotlight Bakery will package the pie and send it straight to your home! Now everyone can enjoy the bakery’s golden treat.

Other Sweet Treats at Dollywood

Water running on the Dollywood Grist Mill.In addition to the delicious Dollywood apple pie, the theme park has a number of other sweet treats for you to taste. After trying a slice of pie at Spotlight Bakery, grab some of their cinnamon rolls, cupcakes or muffins to take back home! If you’re in the mood for ice cream, head to Blue Ribbon Cones, where you’ll find your favorite frozen treat. Crossroads Funnel Cakes is another popular place to go for something sweet. They have a variety of funnel cakes, including their award-winning red velvet funnel cake! And your trip to Dollywood wouldn’t be complete without visiting The Grist Mill and trying a piece of the world’s best cinnamon bread. You can even watch the bread being made right before your eyes!

Can’t wait to try some of this apple pie? Learn more about Dollywood ticket prices and plan your visit today!