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Safety Guide for What to do When There’s Winter Weather in the Smoky Mountains

If you haven’t experienced winter weather in the Smoky Mountains before you are in for a magical treat! When snow dusts the mountains and area towns you realize why this amazing place is visited by millions of people every year! Even though the season is beautiful and magical you still need to be prepared for the conditions. We want you to be safe if snow and ice happen. Here is our safety guide for what to do when there’s winter weather in the Smoky Mountains:

What is it Like to Drive in the Smoky Mountains During Winter? 

snowfall in national parkThere are a few things to keep in mind while driving in the Smoky Mountains during winter. First, prepare for road closures due to icy road conditions. One of the most popular roads, Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail, is closed from around the first week of December till the end of April. Use caution when driving especially if there is ice on the road. Make sure you turn and accelerate slower. Follow these tips and stay safe this winter. 

What Should I Prepare Ahead of Time if There is a Power Outage? 

Temperatures in the Smoky Mountains during winter range from the low 30’s to the low 60s’. Occasionally there will be colder temperatures and sometimes power outages. If a power outage does occur, someone will be sent out to restore the power as soon as possible. To check the status you can view a map online at Sevier County Electric System Web Outage Viewer. While the power is out, use a blanket or wear a jacket to stay warm. It is colder near windows than in other areas of a room. Stay away from windows and wear a hat and socks. Some excellent items to bring with you on your trip during the winter include extra winter clothes, a battery operated radio, a flashlight, bottled water, extra batteries, and non-perishable foods. Power outages only occur every once in a while and power is typically restored in a few hours. 

If I’m Snowed in, What Should I Do For Entertainment?

home theatersSnow in the Smoky Mountains is absolutely beautiful! Sometimes snowfall can reach a few feet! If you happen to get snowed in, you’ll be glad to hear there are many ways to entertain yourself. First, staying in a cabin is the best way to experience a snowed-in day. A rustic cabin will have you feeling cozy and happy. Sit by your cabin fireplace and warm up while playing a board game with your family or friends. Another fun thing to do is cozy up on the couch and read a book. Smoky Mountain cabins come with fantastic amenities! Some include game rooms, theater rooms, indoor pools, hot tubs, and more! Enjoy having some you time and experience breathtaking views from your cabin window.

The Smoky Mountains is a beautiful place to experience winter! Book a stay at a cabin in the Smokies and experience a true winter vacation! Stay safe following these tips and enjoy the magical winter weather!