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Plan A Stress-Free Smoky Mountain Vacation in 3 Easy Steps

Woman sitting on her suitcase stressedNo one likes the feeling of being stressed out, especially when you are planning or taking a vacation. To help ensure that visitors to the area enjoy a relaxing Smoky Mountain vacation, we at Visit My Smokies have put together a list of the top three ways vacationers can guarantee a stress-free vacation.


Whether you are trying to put together meals to enjoy in your secluded Gatlinburg cabin, deciding which outfits to wear, or which attractions you and your family want to visit, pre-planning is always a sure fire way to reduce stress on a vacation. By taking the time before your vacation to figure out all the fun things you and your family want to do, you extend the actual time to enjoy the activities once the vacation comes.

Be Organized

From making sure all your rental papers are in the same folder to playing the inevitable game of Tetris to pack the car, staying organized will ensure that your vacation will be a stress-free zone. By staying organized you eliminate the stress of accidentally misplacing or forgetting a key element you need to having a fun and relaxing vacation.


Remember, you’re on vacation. What better time to sit back, put your feet up, and just take a deep breath than now? The number one way to have a stress-free Smoky Mountain vacation is to simply relax. Don’t let the worry and stress of everyday life take away from spending time and enjoying all the thrilling things to do in the Smoky Mountains.

Want to learn other easy planning tips to make sure that you and your family have as much fun as possible on your next Smoky Mountain vacation? Be sure to check out our Travel Tips page on our website. While you are there, visitors will also enjoy our full list of fun and exciting Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg attractions, shows, restaurants, shopping on more. You can find all this under our What To Do tab. See you in the Smokies!