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Titanic Museum Pigeon Forge Authors Week April 1-7

Titanic on the oceanBeginning April 1 and running through April 7, the Titanic Museum Pigeon Forge offers Author’s Week. From 10:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. during these days, 10 authors renowned for their books on the Titanic welcome guests for a meet and greet. The legendary tragedy sparked interest and intrigue for decades following the accident. People around the world remain fascinated with all aspects of the actual event that occurred on April 15 1912. Many authors compiled factual information evolving around the sinking or created fictional stories recounting events that occurred on that fateful night from many different perspectives.

Guests find the book signing event in the parking lot of the Titanic Museum Pigeon Forge. The reception area will include authors in individual tents. Each author’s books will also be on display and purchases provide guests with discount tickets to the museum. The facility recently opened the “Discover the Children of Titanic. “
The gallery introduces visitors to the 133 children who represented the youngest passengers of the ship.

Museum owner Ms. Kellogg-Joslyn developed the event as books concerning the Titanic’s sinking remain top selling novels with readers of all ages. Some books provide historical facts and photographs evolving around the ship and others focus on the lives of the deceased and surviving passengers. Some of the popular books retell the horrors experienced by the people while expressing the faith, heroism and the will to survive each endured. The authors and books featured at the six day book fair include:

Allan Wolf
“The Watch that Ends the Night-Voices”

Bruce M. Caplan
“The Sinking of the Titanic-1912 Survivor Accounts”

Daniel Allen Butler
“The Other Side of the Night” & “Unsinkable”

Ken Rossignol
“Titanic 1912-The Original News Stories”

Julie Hedgepeth Williams
“A Rare Titanic Family-The Caldwell Story of Survival”

Lee W. Merideth
“1912 Facts about Titanic”

Luke Copas
“Facts for Kids about the Titanic”

Tammy S. Knox
“Trapped on the Titanic”

Yvonne Lehman
“Hearts That Survive”

The Titanic Museum Pigeon Forge features a 30,000 square foot recreated ship like structure that stands on over five acres overlooking the Gateway to the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. The front section of the ship houses 20 different exhibit galleries on two decks that hold hundreds of artifacts from the ship. The interior boasts the recreated Grand Staircase constructed using blueprints from the ship. The museum serves as a commemoration monument to the 2, 208 passengers aboard the ship on the maiden voyage that ended in tragedy.