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4 Ways to See and Learn About Birds in the Smoky Mountains

If you are interested in birds, the Smoky Mountains are a must-visit destination! According to the National Park Service, there have been over 240 different species of birds documented at the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. This includes year-round resident species as well as types of birds that use the area as a stop along migratory paths. In addition to the many types of birds here in the Smokies, there are also some attractions that allow you to see other types of birds, learn about them, and more! With so many different types of birds in the Smoky Mountains and related activities, you will have no shortage of ways to see and learn about birds when you come to visit the area. Here are some of our top recommendations:

1. Go Bird-Watching at the National Park

National Park signOne of the best ways to learn about birds in the Smoky Mountains is to observe them in their natural habitat. That is why going bird-watching at Great Smoky Mountains National Park takes the top spot on this list! Different areas of the park will present different opportunities for spotting birds, which is why it is a good idea to check out a variety of locations. For instance, an open area like Cades Cove will give you good lines of sight when trying to spot birds. However, a hiking path may allow you to see birds that keep to the trees. Try mixing it up for the best results!

2. Visit Parrot Mountain and Gardens

Another place to check out if you want to learn about birds while you are here in the Smoky Mountains is Parrot Mountain and Gardens in Pigeon Forge. This exciting attraction features beautifully landscaped gardens and hundreds of gorgeous exotic birds, such as parrots, cockatoos, macaws, and more. You will love interacting with the birds, feeding them, getting souvenir photos taken, and more. Plus, you will feel good about supporting the preservation of these rare and incredible creatures and you can even purchase your very own bird to take home!

3. Check Out BirdVenture and the Treetop Skywalk at Anakeesta

anakeesta birdventureWith all the incredible sights available at Anakeesta, it should be no surprise that it is a good spot to visit if you are interested in birds in the Smoky Mountains. You can stroll along their Treetop Skywalk, where you can spot birds flying around in the treetops, or head over to the BirdVenture section of the park, which features enormous birdhouses that you can go inside! Not only is Anakeesta a great spot for adventure, but it also offers activities for those interested in birds in the Smoky Mountains.

4. Explore Rainforest Adventures Discovery Zoo

Yet another way to learn about birds while you are visiting the Smoky Mountains is by visiting Rainforest Adventures Discovery Zoo in Sevierville. In addition to the many other types of animals at the zoo, including lemurs, turtles, scorpions, and more, there are also several bird species you can see here. From finches, to toucans, and more, Rainforest Adventures Discovery Zoo is another great place to stop here in the Smokies if you are interested in birds!

When you visit some of these attractions as well as exploring the natural beauty of the Smokies, you will be able to learn about some of the species of birds in the Smoky Mountains, observe them in their natural habitats, and even see some exotic birds at places like Parrot Mountain and Gardens. Or you can see some of the other types of wildlife in the Smoky Mountains!