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Wild Ride in Pigeon Forge

You’re probably familiar with Dollywood, the
signature attraction in Sevier County that’s not a national park. And you know
it has a little of everything for the family. Some of the most popular rides
they offer are their rollercoasters. And they’ve got a real doozie debuting
this spring – the Wild Eagle.


This first-of-its-kind, 21-story tall, wing coaster
makes its public appearance on March 24. And just what is a wing coaster?
Instead of a traditional rollercoaster where you sit on the track, the Wild
Eagle seats riders on either side of the track. Think about that…yep, there’s
nothing underneath or above you. It goes 61 miles per hour, so your screams may
still be there when the next group goes through.


There’s more than 3,000 feet of metal that makes up
the Wild Eagle. It gives you zero-g roll, giant flat spin, camelback, eight
curve and other twists and turns that are sure to churn your stomach. At nearly
two-and-a-half minutes, you’ll have time to get a birds-eye view of Dollywood,
if you can keep your eyes open. Of course, you quickly drop 135 feet, so may
you just want to take a peek at the surrounding beauty.


The name Wild Eagle is a nod to the American Eagle
Foundation, which has its headquarters in Dollywood. For more than 20 years,
they’ve been taking care of bald eagles that can’t be released into the wild.
If you’re still jittery after the ride, take a few moments to see our national
symbol closer than you’ve probably imagined.


The rollercoaster enthusiasts look forward to warmer
weather to see the new rides across the country. I’m betting that the Wild
Eagle is going to be hot topic of roller coaster discussions in 2012.