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12th annual Southern Select Alpaca Show

Alpaca hiding behind a treeA very special experience awaits those planning to attend the 12th annual Southern Select Alpaca Show who arrive in the Sevierville, Tennessee, area even one day prior to its March 1, 2013 opening. February 28th is the last day to enjoy the 23rd annual Sevierville Smoky Mountain Winterfest replete with thousands of LED holiday lights displays throughout the town. Special 3D glasses enhance the experience as lights transform into snowflakes. In addition to enjoying camel rides and a petting zoo, winterfest visitors are encouraged to visit a retail outlet where they may purchase lights displays to use at home.

The 12th annual Southern Select Alpaca Show takes place at the Sevierville Events Center from March 1-3, 2013. Sponsored by the Alpaca Breeders Association with a membership of 75 alpaca farms, the event affords the general public an opportunity to learn about alpacas and their byproducts, especially alpaca fleece. Demonstrations and informational sessions provide the opportunity to see how the wool is processed, spun and fashioned into gloves, hats, scarves, sweaters and other garments. For many, a highlight of the event is watching alpaca handling competitions, their subsequent judging and trophy award presentations.

For alpaca handlers, one highlight of the event is the auction sale of alpaca entrants with proceeds going to their handler/owners. Many attendees look forward to the silent auction where crafts, alpaca garments and other donated items are sold with proceeds benefiting the associational coffer for next year’s event.

Only in nearby Pigeon Forge can one experience indoor skydiving at Flyaway Indoor Skydiving, home to the only actual skydiving simulator to be found in the United States. With all necessary gear provided, following a 20-minute instructional and demonstration video presentation, participants in groups of five enter the simulation tunnel accompanied by a qualified diver for a 15-minute session to experience the thrill of skydiving.

One must-see in the area is the Dolly Parton Theme Park formally known as Dollywood. This 118 acre fun-land ranked as Tennessee’s biggest ticketed attraction is filled with rides and games guaranteed to delight all ages. Be sure not to miss the Southern Gospel Music Association Hall of Fame and museum.

Speed Zone Kart Track is the place to be for NASCAR fans who dream of racing around the track with their favorite driver. An oval track similar to an actual track affords visitors 16 years of age or above to experience all the thrills from the starting flag to the finish-line. A special track is available for younger fans ages five to 15 and a minimum of 56 inches tall to experience the same thrill in a one-passenger vehicle.