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How Vacationing in the Smoky Mountains Will Benefit Your Health

couple hiking and looking toward the viewFrom outdoor adventure to a diverse grouping of historic events and cultural festivals, the Great Smoky Mountains has become a unique vacation destination for all kinds. Known for bustling stretches of attractions with peaceful acres of open trails and mature forests, the area is perfect for those who want fresh air, low stress levels and health benefits.

smoky mountain roadShorter Travel Time

Nearly 2,000 miles and more than 10 hours separate the midwest from other popular national parks, including Yosemite and Yellowstone, but the Great Smoky Mountains are only 500 miles and less than two hours away by plane, making it an ideal stop on your next layover or family vacation. After spending time in the city, there’s nothing like the fresh air and freedom of a mountain hiking trail.

The quick flight and shorter time spent in a rental car are not the only ways visitors can stretch their legs to enjoy the health benefits of the Smoky Mountains. The park’s 800 maintained trails range from easy to strenuous for all ages and abilities. Hikers can choose from shorter paved pathways that lead to waterfalls or trek further into the hills for wildlife viewing.

young girls enjoying hike with view of lakeChallenging Activities

Not only can you enjoy fresh air and calorie burning adventure on hiking trails, visitors to the area have an even wider variety of thrilling outdoor options at any of our Smoky Mountain attractions. Whitewater rafting is a way to cool down in the summer, where you can see nature views that can’t be seen from anywhere by the Pigeon River.

If you’d rather have a bird’s eye view, thrill-seekers can zip between the trees at a zip line or ropes course. These fun and challenging activities have some of the best views of the Smokies from above. Guides will make sure each guest is fully secured before sending them across lines as long as 2,000 feet.

Great Smoky Mountains National ParkRelaxing Atmosphere

Although being active is a wonderful benefit of visiting the Smoky Mountains, guests also have the opportunity to slow down and relax like nowhere else in the south. Those who want a slower pace of life for a few days rock away their troubles while sipping a morning coffee on the back porch.

Research has shown that vacations can improve physical and mental health, so be sure to use your vacation days for a good night’s rest and a peaceful adventure in the mountains. Whether you want to stay active or settle down, the Smokies are an ideal place to de-stress and feel as healthy as you ever have.

A visit to the hills of Tennessee is an unforgettable experience, so open up a world of adventure by vacationing in the Great Smoky Mountains. Begin your adventure here with Visit My Smokies’ Where to Stay guide, complete with seasonal specials and coupons.