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Determine Your Smoky Mountain Lodging Personality

family laughing and playing outdoorsWouldn’t planning a Smoky Mountain vacation be a whole lot easier if you had a better idea of which lodging option suited you best? Take this quick quiz to find the perfect vacation rental to fit your personality, so you can have the best stay possible.



Would you prefer a private kitchen?

a. Yes.

b. Possibly.

c. No, I’d rather have group meals.

d. No.


How many people will be joining you?

a. The ones I love most.

b. My multi-generational family.

c. Just my sweetheart.

d. Anyone who wants to come along.


You get the choose the movie. Which genre is your first choice?

a. Independent Film

b. Thoughtful Drama

c. Romantic Comedy

d. Action-Adventure


What is most important about your vacation lodging?

a. Views.

b. Location, location, location.

c. Feeling a sense of community.

d. Being in nature.


How would you imagine a dream bedroom?

a. Logs, windows and views.

b. Clean lines and modern touches.

c. Old-fashioned romance with up-to-date touches.

d. Amazing views of nature.


How would your friends describe you?

a. Laid-Back

b. People Person

c. Loving

d. Creative


What would you rather do with spare time?

a. Read the latest bestseller on the porch.

b. Catch up over dinner and shopping.

c. Chat and make new friends.

d. Spend time around a fire.


When do you feel your best?

a. Afternoon.

b. Late at night.

c. In the morning.

d. Anytime I’m outdoors.

If you chose mostly A’s, you’d prefer a cabin vacation in the rolling hills of the Smoky Mountains. You love having home-like amenities right at your fingertips, from private drives to full kitchens with a little luxury thrown in. Not only would you love being a slightly secluded with the ones you love most, you wouldn’t mind spending hours exploring and taking in the downtown culture.

If you chose mostly B’s, then you would definitely enjoy the perks of a Smoky Mountain condo. You love having the conveniences of home with the amenities of a hotel. Including privacy and perks, condos would allow you and your group to enjoy a spacious getaway with complex amenities, including access to swimming pools, fitness centers and meeting spaces.

If you chose mostly C’s, you would enjoy a Sevierville bed and breakfast retreat. You love having cozy down-home amenities with an opportunity to meet new people. You still enjoy having alone time with your companion, and would take the opportunity to speak with innkeepers about the best things to do and see in the Smokies. Don’t forget about the amazing views from the rocking chairs on the wrap-around porch.

If you chose mostly D’s, you’d probably prefer a peaceful camping vacation. You love connecting with nature, and how better to do so than with a rustic mountain vacation? You can sleep under the stars or hook up an RV at one of the many Smoky Mountain campgrounds, so you and your group can relax, unwind and unplug for a few days.

Now that you know your own Smoky Mountain lodging personality, be sure to look at all of Visit My Smokies’ Where to Stay tab to find just the right place to play, relax and enjoy.