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Snow along a fenceline in the Smoky Mountains

This is Why Everything Seems Quiet When It Snows in the Smoky Mountains

Have you ever noticed when it snows, everything seems quieter? But what is it that makes it seem so quiet? We’ve got the all the answers about why the snow in the Smoky Mountains is so special:

Most people assume the quietness is due to the simple fact that it’s winter. In the winter months, everything is quieter because people aren’t out and about as much as they are in other months. There’s generally less traffic, fewer noises, fewer birds chirping and even fewer people hiking in the Smoky Mountains. While this is true, there’s actually a science behind the quiet environment when it snows.Snow in the Smoky Mountains

It’s all quite simple, believe it or not! According to a recent Mashable article, when the snow falls, the snow absorbs some of the soundwaves – especially when it’s the fluffy, less wet snow. Follow this example: Imagine the falling snow in the Smoky Mountains. As the snowflakes pile up, there is an amount of space left between each of the snowflakes. When there’s all the space between the snowflakes, the sound is absorbed and less sound is bounced off of the snow. So, everything seems quieter. So, when you think it seems quieter, there’s probably lots of fluffy, white snow on the ground!

When will it snow in the Smoky Mountains this year?

It’s not always easy to predict the snow in the Smoky Mountains, but we can help. First, it helps to know that the higher elevations receive snow before the lower elevations (because the temperature is lower in the higher elevations).

Big Creek covered in snow in the Smoky MountainsDuring the first weekend of November 2014, the Smoky Mountains expected 14 inches of snow, mostly in the upper elevations, but even some in the lower elevations!

According to the National Park Service, the lower elevations should expect between 2-3 inches of snow in January and February. In the same months, the upper elevations will expect to receive between 18-20 inches of snow!

For the latest forecast, take a look at our Smoky Mountain weather videos. Our meteorologist will keep you up to date on all of the snowfall expectations throughout the season, so you’ll know exactly when to plan your vacation!

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