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5 Things You Need to Know About the Apple Barn Winery

Do you enjoy tasting wine and southern charm? Then you need to visit the Apple Barn Winery in Sevierville, Tennessee! Part of a larger complex, the Apple Barn Winery serves wine you can taste while you explore the area. Check out these 5 things you need to know about the Apple Barn Winery:

1. It’s Part of the Rocky Top Wine Trail

Pouring wine into glassesThe Apple Barn Winery is one of the wineries that participates in the Rocky Top Wine Trail. Along this trail, you will travel to different wineries in the area to learn more about the process of making this alcoholic beverage, how each winery does it differently, and even get to taste the end product. There are so many flavors and ways to make wine you’ll learn about along the way. The Apple Barn Winery is just part of this cool experience you’ll want to try!

2. The Wine is Made from Apples

While most wine is made from grapes, whether they are white or red, the wine at the Apple Barn Winery is actually made from apples! In 1976, apple trees were planted in the orchard behind the Apple Barn Village, which is where all of the apples come from used throughout the complex. The Apple Barn White is sweet just like a regular white wine. If you want a true southern wine, try the Muscadine. Apple Blush will remind you of a Rose. You might even like one of the combo flavors, such as the Apple Peach, Apple Raspberry, or Apple Strawberry.

3. You Can Watch the Process

At some wineries, you can tour the facility. While that isn’t the case at Apple Barn Winery, you can still watch the winemakers at work! In the tasting room, you’ll find a large viewing window you can look through to see behind the scenes. Watch the winemakers bottle all kinds of wines. See more about barrel aging the wine, as well as get a look into the tank room.

4. You Can Taste Wine for Free

The part many people are most excited about is you can taste a few of the wines the Apple Barn Winery sells for free! Unlike moonshine tasting, you don’t have to pay a tasting fee here. Try the different flavors and kinds, from reds to whites, to see what you prefer! You might just find your new favorite wine.

5. It’s Part of the Apple Barn Village

Like we’ve mentioned, the Apple Barn Winery is part of the Apple Barn Village, a shopping complex full of cool shops and restaurants you’ll want to check out! Here are some of the other places in the Apple Barn Village you should take a look at:

Applewood Farmhouse Restaurant

applewood farmhouse restaurantWant to try delicious southern dishes? The Applewood Farmhouse Restaurant is where you should have your next meal! You can eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner at this restaurant. It has all the southern staples, from biscuits and gravy to chicken and dumplings. Plus, get a taste of all things apple with apple julep, apple fritters, and apple butter at every meal!

Apple Valley Creamery

Want a sweet treat in the afternoon? At the Apple Valley Creamery, you can get all kinds of unique flavors of ice cream, as well as traditional flavors. They also sell all kinds of pastries and baked goods.

Apple Barn and Cider Mill

the apple barn and cider millThe most popular place in this village is the Apple Barn and Cider Mill. You can taste homemade apple cider prepared on site and browse through the general store for all kinds of goodies.

The Apple Barn Winery is a place you definitely need to visit! Find out more about the Apple Barn before you head over!