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the apple barn in sevierville tn

Your Ultimate Guide to The Apple Barn Village in Sevierville TN

The Apple Barn Village in Sevierville is a popular complex where you can enjoy delicious food and shop in a variety of stores. There’s so much to learn about the general store, cider mill, winery, and more, and we want to share it with you! Here’s your ultimate guide to The Apple Barn Village in Sevierville TN:

The Apple Barn Cider Mill & General Store

the apple barn and cider millThe building the general store is located in is actually a barn and was built in 1910. In the 1980s, it became known as the general store. In The Apple Barn, you will find all kinds of neat items. There’s home decor, kitchen utensils, cook books, packaged foods, and many apple themed items. It’s a great place to grab souvenirs to help you remember your trip to the Smokies!

The cider mill was eventually added to the barn so guests could watch the apples being pressed into cider in the fall. People began to ask about cider tastings, so the Cider Bar was added. You can taste delicious cider made from the apples grown in the orchard on the property. The cider can be hot or cold.

A couple of other things you’ll find in The Apple Barn include the Candy Factory and the Apple Pie Kitchen. The Candy Factory makes homemade sweets on century-old equipment to ensure it still has that old fashion flair. You’ll find chocolates, taffy, peanut brittle, and much more. In the Apple Pie Kitchen, the apples grown in the orchard are put to good use. You will find fried apple pies, apple doughnuts, and apple dumplings, just to name a few.

Apple Barn Winery

apple barn wineryThe Apple Barn Winery also uses apples from the orchards on site to make apple wine! You’ll find all kinds of delicious flavors, from dry reds to sweet whites. One of the coolest parts about visiting the winery is you can taste different kinds of wine for free if you are over 21 years old. The Apple Barn Winery is one of the stops along the Rocky Top Wine Trail in Sevierville and Pigeon Forge.

The Apple Valley Creamery

Want something sweet on a hot day? Stop by The Apple Valley Creamery to try their ice cream! You can get it in a cone, in a bowl, in a sundae, as a milkshake, or as a malt. The flavors of ice cream rotate throughout the year, so you never know what you might find! Some of the flavors you could try include apple cinnamon, vanilla, pumpkin, and caramel turtle fudge.

Not only will you find ice cream, you’ll also find all kinds of delicious baked goods at The Apple Valley Creamery. They have signature breads during the fall and holiday seasons, such as orange cranberry or raspberry bread. The apple coffee cake is a hit, as well as the apple cinnamon bread. There are also all kinds of cookies, brownies, and pastries you’ll want to take home!

Applewood Farmhouse Restaurant

applewood farmhouse restaurantIn the 1980s, the original farmhouse on the property was turned into the Applewood Farmhouse Restaurant in The Apple Barn Village in Sevierville TN. You can eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner at this restaurant. Breakfast has all of the staples, including eggs, bacon, biscuits, pancakes, grits, hash browns, and more. With every breakfast at the restaurant, apple cinnamon muffins, apple fritters, apple butter, and Applewood julep are served. For lunch and dinner, you’ll find southern classics. There’s chicken pot pie, fried chicken, pot roast, sugar cured ham, and so much more. Apple fritters, apple butter, and Applewood julep are served with lunch and dinner meals.

Applewood Farmhouse Grill

In 1995, the Applewood Farmhouse Grill was built to accommodate the long waits at the Applewood Farmhouse Restaurant. You can still eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner at the Grill, and you will receive the same Applewood items with every meal! The menu is slightly smaller, but all the favorites are still there!

Christmas and Candle Shop at The Apple Barn

the apple barnNeed a souvenir to take home with you? People love to browse through the Christmas and Candle Shop. You’ll find all kinds of Christmas collectibles, from home decor to figurines. There are lights to go on your house or on your tree. If you’ve been thinking about adding to your decoration collection, you definitely will want to stop by this shop!

If you love candles as well, then you need to visit this store. They have signature scents related to The Apple Barn, such as apple butter, hot apple cider, and cinnamon apple. Some other scents you can smell include blueberry cobbler, birthday cake, and honeysuckle.

Visit The Apple Barn Village in Sevierville TN

Visiting The Apple Barn Village in Sevierville TN is definitely something you should add to your Smoky Mountain bucket list! Want to know what else you can do in the area when you come to town? Look through these other things to do in the Smoky Mountains!