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aerial view of downtown gatlinburg

Everything You Need to Know About Parking in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge

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One thing visitors always want to know when they come to the Smoky Mountains is where they can park in the area, and if it’s going to cost any money. We’ve created a guide of everything you need to know about parking in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge to answer any questions you may have! Find out everything you need to know below:

Where to Park in Gatlinburg

aerial view of downtown gatlinburgThere are plenty of options for parking in Gatlinburg. Some of the most popular attractions and restaurants have their own parking lots for customers, and there are also a number of parking garages throughout downtown. If you’re planning just to visit a specific attraction or restaurant, such as Cherokee Grill, you can enjoy free parking at that location. Keep in mind that not all individual attractions and restaurants have their own parking lots. If you plan on visiting more than one place in Gatlinburg, you’ll want to take advantage of one of the parking lots or garages:

Traffic Light #3 Parking Garage – spaces for 390 passenger vehicles
Parking Garage at Ripley’s Aquarium – spaces for 380 passenger vehicles
Traffic Light #2 Parking Lot – spaces for 30 passenger vehicles
Newton Lane Parking Lot – 80 spaces
Reagan Drive Parking Lot – spaces for 185 vehicles, including buses and RVs

Is There Free Parking in Gatlinburg?

If you’re looking for free parking in Gatlinburg, you’re in luck! The city offers free Park and Ride lots. Leave your car at the lot and ride the Gatlinburg Trolley wherever you want to go in town! These lots are located at the Gatlinburg Welcome Center and the City Hall Complex on Highway 321.

Keep in mind that while parking in these lots is free, the Gatlinburg Trolley does cost you a small fee. However, this is a cheaper alternative to paying to park in one of the paid parking lots and garages. You can get al all-day trolley pass for just $2.

Where to Park in Pigeon Forge

aerial view of pigeon forgePigeon Forge differs from Gatlinburg in that many of the attractions, restaurants and shops along the Parkway have their own parking spaces for visitors to use. You can enjoy the convenience of parking near where you want to go. During busier seasons, know that the parking lots can get crowded, so arrive early if you want a good spot. If you have plans to visit Dollywood, parking in their lot is $15 for all standard vehicles. For a cheaper option, ride the trolley for just $2.50 per person.

Is There Free Parking in Pigeon Forge?

Many of the places to park in this town are completely free! Patriot Park is one of the best options for free parking in Pigeon Forge. It’s close to the Fun Time Trolley office, where visitors can purchase a $3 wristband and ride the trolley all around town, all day long! Another free parking lot is the Municipal Parking Lot, which is a 1,500-space lot located between The Island in Pigeon Forge and the LeConte Center. You’ll find free parking at a lot of the area attractions as well, like the Titanic Museum, The Old Mill, and Paula Deen’s Lumberjack Feud.

Now that you know everything you need to know about parking in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, you’re ready to start planning your trip! Prepare for your visit by learning about all the fun things to do in the area.