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outside of Hatfield and McCoy Dinner Show in Pigeon Forge

6 Things You Might Not Know About the Hatfield and McCoy Dinner Show in Pigeon Forge

For a night full of laughter and fun, go see the Hatfield and McCoy Dinner Show! This family-friendly show lets audience members become a part of the longest running family feud in history. You’ll be entertained with comedy, singing and dancing, stunts, and more. While this is one of the most popular shows in Pigeon Forge, we bet there are some things you might not know about it! Check out these 6 interesting facts about the Hatfield and McCoy Dinner Show in Pigeon Forge.

1. The aquarium in the theater is from the TV show “Tanked”

If you’ve been to the Hatfield and McCoy Dinner Show, we bet you’ve noticed the one-of-a-kind fish tank in the lobby. Did you know that this unique aquarium is from the popular TV Show “Tanked”? The stars of the show custom-designed the aquarium for the theater. It replaced the old moonshine still in the lobby. The aquarium weighs almost 5 tons, holds 1,100 gallons of water, and has over 50 fish!

2. You can see diving dogs.

dog with goggles and snorkelIn 2018, the theater added a 22-feet-deep swimming hole! Not only will you get to see the cast members make a splash, but you can see diving dogs too. The dogs love being in the water, and the audience is always wowed by their diving abilities! There are 5 diving dogs, and the show hopes to add more diving animals in the future. You can even choose to sit in the Splash Zone!

3. The dinner is all-you-can-eat.

We know you’ve heard about the delicious feast you get to enjoy during the show, but did you know it’s all-you-can-eat? The full feast includes:

  • Feudin’ Fried Chick’n
  • Open Pit Pulled-to-Pieces Pork Barbeque
  • Southern Style Creamy Soup
  • Smashed Mashed Taters
  • Buttery Corn on the Cob
  • Ma’s Hot Homemade Bread
  • No Tellin’ What’s In It Coleslaw
  • Granny’s Famous Specialty Dessert

Visitors rave about the fried chicken and the pulled pork, so be sure to bring your appetite. You get to eat as much as you want of all these tasty items!

4. You can buy their soup to make at home.

bowl of creamy vegetable soupIf you fall in love with their creamy soup, we have good news for you! You can purchase their soup while you’re there to take back home to enjoy. If you don’t get a chance to get some while you’re there, don’t worry — you can purchase the soup on their website. You can buy a 2 pack, 4 pack, or 8 pack. If you buy 4, you get 1 free, and if you buy 8, you get 2 free!

5. A former cast member was a contestant on “The Voice.”

Did you know that a former cast member of the show was a contestant on “The Voice”? Kata Hay was actually the first vocalist cast for the Hatfield and McCoy Dinner Show back in 2010. From 2011 to 2015, Kata performed in the show. In 2016, she appeared on Season 10 of “The Voice.” She was coached by Christina Aguilera, but was cut from the show right before the top 12 was chosen.

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