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5 Reasons Dolly Parton Should Run for President

As the election season kicks into high gear, Visit My Smokies would like to make a formal endorsement for the U.S. presidential race. While there are lots of strong candidates running this year, we think that there is one woman who could truly bring our country together: Dolly Rebecca Parton. Of course, we love the fact that Dolly is a native of our beloved Sevier County, Tennessee, but our endorsement is informed by much more than mere geographical bias. Here are five reasons a Parton presidency is exactly what America needs.

1. She is a Uniter

Everyone loves Dolly Parton. Here at Visit My Smokies, we took an informal poll of the first 10 people we saw today, and every single one of them had nothing but wonderful things to say about Dolly. We encourage you to try this at home.

What is remarkable about Parton’s popularity is that she transcends the left-ride divide. She has fans in the reddest of red states and the bluest of blue states. No matter who you are or what you believe, Dolly welcomes you with open arms. At a time when the American electorate seems more divided than ever, Parton is a consensus candidate that everyone could get behind.

2. She’s Got Plenty of Business ExperienceThe Dollywood sign and butterfly floral design at the entrance to the theme park.

Many candidates tout their success in the private sector as evidence that they are qualified to run the world’s largest economy. If it’s business experience you’re looking for, Dolly Parton has got it! A true rags to riches story, Dolly was raised in a one-room cabin in Locust Ridge, TN with eleven brothers and sisters. Today, she has an estimated net worth of $500 million (not that she would ever brag about it). Obviously, it is Dolly’s musical ability that has made her so successful, but it is also her keen mind for business that has allowed her to keep and grow her fortune.

However, Dolly hasn’t just enriched herself; she has also used her wealth to bolster the community she grew up in. The hugely popular Dollywood theme park is Sevier County’s largest employer, with 3,000 people on the payroll. Two successful dinner shows, Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede and Dolly Parton’s Lumberjack Adventure, have also solidified Parton’s status as a first class job creator and entrepreneur. Dolly truly has the Midas touch, so we expect that a Parton presidency would be very good for the American economy.

3. She Would Revolutionize Education

While we don’t know for sure what Dolly’s platform would look like, we can pretty much guarantee that education would be at the heart of her campaign. Literacy has always been an issue that is near and dear to Parton’s heart. Dolly’s father, who was a brilliant man, was unable to reach his full potential because he couldn’t read. To help improve childhood literacy, Dolly started the Imagination Library, a charity that mails free age-appropriate books to preschool children each month. While the Imagination Library was originally only available in East Tennessee, the success of the program has led to its adoption in over 1,600 local communities across the U.S., Canada, and U.K.

The Imagination Express at Dollywood.If Dolly Parton were to become president, she would have the resources to expand the Imagination Library’s services to every child in America. Moreover, someone as creative as Parton definitely has a host of other brilliant ideas for making education fun and effective. Perhaps every teenager who graduates high school will get a free trip to Dollywood? The possibilities are endless.

4. She Could Perform the National Anthem Herself

The only potential drawback of Dolly Parton becoming president is that the nation would be deprived of her musical genius, since she probably wouldn’t have time to go on tour while she is running the country. Fortunately, there is an easy fix to this problem. Rather than bringing in another famous singer to perform the national anthem at official events, President Parton could do it herself! Who wouldn’t love to hear Dolly sing every time she has to give a speech?

As one of the greatest songwriters of our times, Parton may even write a few new patriotic songs to perform. Of course, if she wants to occasionally sing “Coat of Many Colors” or “Jolene”, we don’t think anyone would mind!

5. She Would Bring Style Back to the PresidencyThe outside of Dolly's Closet at Dollywood.

No offense to the men who have served as president in the past, but very few of them have shown much of an aptitude for fashion. While George Washington’s powdered wig and Abraham Lincoln’s top hat have become iconic, most presidents wear the exact same boring outfit: a suit and tie. President Parton would certainly not succumb to this bland wardrobe. Dolly has a totally unique sense of style, sporting a seemingly endless variety of sparkling dresses and flashy jackets. Whether she’s on the campaign trail or delivering the State of the Union address, President Parton would always be dressed to impress.

As you can plainly see, Dolly Parton is the president this country deserves. Would you cast your vote for the Queen of Country? Let us know in the comments below!

To learn more about our next president, check out Dolly Parton’s video interview with Visit My Smokies!