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Smoky Mountain Stories Tells the Tales of the Park

There’s a lot of history here in the Smoky Mountains,
from the places to the people to the communities. And if you’re like me, you
enjoy knowing a little about the place you’re going to visit. Even if it is
just to impress the locals that you’ve done your homework.


Smoky Mountain Stories on our website is a great way to learn about the Great
Smoky Mountains National Park. It is an interactive experience, meaning it’s more
than just reading. You can click and drag the map portion to find the area you
want to learn about, watch videos or, yes, read about the Park. Your host is Bill
Landry, who for years has taught local viewers about the history of east
Tennessee. And it’s not only the Park that is highlighted; there are some areas
of interest that are outside the Park that are also featured.


The stories that are here are colorful, to say the
least. There are passenger pigeons, black bears, the Blind Bee Man, the tallest
mountain in the eastern U.S., a man who died after being caught in an illegal
bear trap, a man who carried a 200 pound stove across the mountains, polygamy,
Revolutionary and Civil War history, mineral springs and lots more. Come on,
where else are you going to find stuff like that on the internet in one place?
Check out Smoky Mountain Stories before you visit so you’ll sound like an