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two black bear cubs in grass

Two Adorable Black Bears in Gatlinburg Play Fight on Cabin Deck

Can you imagine glancing out the window of your cabin and seeing not one, but two bear cubs on your deck? That’s what happened to a family on their recent Gatlinburg vacation! Two black bear cubs broke away from their mother and began play-fighting on the deck of the cabin. Lucky for us, the adorable moment was caught on camera! Watch the video below and learn more about black bears in Gatlinburg.

Black Bear Cubs Play Fighting in Gatlinburg

A family of black bears were passing by a Gatlinburg cabin when two little bear cubs broke away from their mother and sibling and raced onto the cabin’s deck. They immediately started play-fighting, standing up on their hind legs and swatting at each other. All it took was one look over at their mom for them to stop fighting and rejoin her and their sibling. The guest of the cabin watched on through the blinds, recording the whole encounter!

Bear Safety at Gatlinburg Cabins

If you stay in a Gatlinburg cabin, there is a chance you will spot a bear or two roaming around outside! That’s why it’s important to keep all trash in bear-proof trash cans, and all food safely stored inside the cabin. To help, we’ve made a list of some black bear safety tips to keep in mind when staying at a Gatlinburg cabin:

1. Keep trash secured at all times.

bear proof trash cans outsideThis is the most important tip to keep in mind to prevent bears from paying a visit to your cabin. Cabins have designated garbage cans that are bear proof. Don’t leave trash or food scraps sitting on your cabin’s deck, in your car, or anywhere outside of your cabin. It’s also helpful to wash recyclable cans, bottles and jars, because any leftover food can attract bears and other critters. Once you throw the trash away, make sure the garbage can is secured so that no bears can get to it.

2. Keep your cars locked.

We know you’ve seen the videos of bears in Gatlinburg breaking into cars in search of food. That’s why it’s so important to keep all the doors locked and windows rolled up. This will save you from paying for any damages the bear could cause to your car. In addition to keeping the doors locked, be sure to empty the car of any food, drinks and trash.

3. Clean the grill.

deck of a cabin in gatlinburgA grill is one of our favorite amenities at Gatlinburg cabins because nothing beats having a cookout with your family and friends with gorgeous views of the Smokies in the background! If you do use the grill, however, it’s important to clean it thoroughly afterward. Any food scraps that are left on the grill, as well as the smell of the delicious food, may attract the bears.

4. Stay away from the bears.

Another one of the most important black bear safety tips to remember is to keep a safe distance at all times. For both your safety and the bear’s you should stay at least 50 yards away at all times. If you find yourself closer than that, move away from the bear slowly, but don’t run from it or make any sudden movements. If the bear is outside of your cabin and you’re indoors, make sure the doors are locked and remain inside the cabin. You can also make loud noises to scare the bears away.

About Black Bears in Gatlinburg

black bear on deck of cabin in GatlinburgIt’s not uncommon to spot a black bear during your Smoky Mountain vacation! The population of black bears in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park has grown to about 1,500! Some of the black bears have been known to wander outside of the park’s boundaries, which is why there have been numerous black bear sightings and encounters caught on video in recent years. Smoky Mountain black bears can live up to 12 to 15 years! However, bears that have had access to human food tend to have a lower life expectancy. That’s why it’s so important when you visit to keep food and trash secured and away from the bears. Male black bears in Gatlinburg average about 250 pounds in the summer, and females average about 100 pounds. In the fall, they as much as double their weight!

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