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Ole Smoky Candy Kitchen in Gatlinburg TN.

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth at These 5 Candy Shops in Gatlinburg TN and Pigeon Forge TN

If you’re searching for something sweet during your vacation in the Smoky Mountains, you won’t have to look too far! The cities of Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, Tennessee are filled with incredible candy shops with all of your favorite treats. Whether you’re a chocoholic, a caramel craver, or you’re nutty about nougat, you’re sure to find the perfect snack in the Smokies. To help you make the most of your vacation, Visit My Smokies has put together a guide to five of the best candy shops in Gatlinburg TN and Pigeon Forge TN.

1. Ole Smoky Candy KitchenDelicious caramel apples with chocolate.

Located right next door to the Pancake Pantry, Ole Smoky Candy Kitchen is an institution in downtown Gatlinburg. This beloved candy shop has been delighting visitors since 1950! As you look into the store through the large glass window, you will see the Kitchen’s famous salt water taffy being pulled on a mesmerizing machine. All of the fudges, chocolates, and candies at Ole Smoky are made in-house using the same tried-and-true techniques the shop has employed for 66 years.

While everything at Ole Smoky Candy Kitchen is incredible, some of the most popular items at the shop include the caramel apples, taffy, cashew brittle, homemade fudge, and chocolate covered cherries. In addition to its store in front of The Village (642 Parkway), there is also a second Ole Smoky Candy Kitchen location at 744 Parkway.

2. Country Candy Kitchen

Pigeon Forge’s Country Candy Kitchen is legendary for its mouthwatering fudge. This shop still makes its fudge by hand in authentic copper kettles using an original recipe. If you’re looking to sample a variety of fudge flavors, we recommend buying one of the Kitchen’s assorted fudge packages.

In addition to their great selection of fudge and taffy, Country Candy Kitchen also offers some speciality items that you won’t find anywhere else in the area. The shop’s Dolly Parton Lollipops are always a hit, and the Kitchen’s large selection of sugar free candies are great for folks on a diet. Country Candy Kitchen even offers candy made with potatoes. Trust us, it’s a lot better than it sounds!

Fudge for sale in a candy shop.3. Aunt Mahalia’s Candies

Aunt Mahalia’s Candies is another one of the most visited candy shops in Gatlinburg TN. A popular downtown destination since 1939, Aunt Mahalia’s has two excellent locations on the Parkway. Regardless of which shop you choose to visit, you will find delicious homemade sweets and some of the friendliest employees you’ll ever meet.

No trip to Aunt Mahalia’s is complete without sampling their divinity, a fluffy, meringue-based candy made with egg whites and plenty of sugar. Other standout items at Aunt Mahalia’s include the chocolate turtles, pecan puffs, candy apples, and peanut brittle.

4. Big Rock Candy Kitchen

Big Rock Candy Kitchen is one of the newest sweet shops in the Smokies, but it has already built quite a following for its decadent treats. Located at The Island in Pigeon Forge, Big Rock Candy Kitchen has all of your favorite fudges and candies, along with gourmet popcorn and gelato.

Folks who just can’t get enough popcorn should consider buying the shop’s 1 gallon bucket of popcorn, which comes with unlimited $4.00 refills as long as you keep the bucket. Remember, samples are always free at Big Rock Candy Kitchen!

5. The Old Mill Candy KitchenBrightly colored candies in jars in a candy shop.

Just steps away from Pigeon Forge’s historic gristmill, The Old Mill Candy Kitchen is definitely worth a visit. Tradition reigns supreme at the Candy Kitchen, with fudge made in old fashioned copper kettles and taffy pulled on machines that have been in operation for over 75 years.

The Old Mill Candy Kitchen is famous for its Bear Paws, which are made with milk chocolate, homemade caramel, and pecans. Other treats with rave reviews at the Candy Kitchen include the Snickers fudge, caramel covered marshmallows, rock candy, and divinity.

Are you getting hungry after reading about all of these superb candy shops in Gatlinburg TN and Pigeon Forge TN? Start planning even more eating adventures by checking out the Top 5 Ways to Ruin Your Diet in the Smoky Mountains!

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