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5 Hands-On Experiences Your Kids Will Love at Dollywood

There’s much more to Dollywood than just thrilling rides! Among all the roller coasters and fun things to do at Dollywood, you’ll find several hands-on experiences that your children are going to love taking part in! This Pigeon Forge adventure park is full of unique craft experiences that allow your little ones to experience the Smoky Mountains in a hands-on manner. These activities are both educational and full of fun that your child won’t soon forget. Here are 5 hands-on experiences your kids will love at Dollywood:

1. Mountain Blown Glass

Gorgeous glass art is made each day at Dollywood with a whole lot of experience and a little bit of Smoky Mountain air! Mountain Blown Glass is where masterful artists take part in the timeless art of glass blowing! Watch as these glass blowers breathe life into unique pieces such as vases, pitchers, lamps and figurines. These craftsmen will even help your kids create their own glass ornament that they get to take home with them!

2. Valley Forge Blacksmith

valley forge blacksmithWhen settlers arrived in the Smoky Mountains hundreds of years ago they relied on the area’s ironsmith to create many of life’s necessities. These blacksmiths forged useful items like horseshoes and tools. The master craftsmen at Valley Forge Blacksmith use their particular skills to create hand-forged steel items like metal gifts, custom knives, horseshoe gifts and home and garden decor. You may even catch these craftsmen producing hand-poured aluminum cast personalized signs. Your kids will find this to be one of the most fun things to do at Dollywood!

3. Smoky Creek Leather

Life in the Smoky Mountains meant working in rugged Smoky Mountain terrain for the early settlers. That required durable leather items that would withstand these tough conditions. Today, Dollywood craftsmen use hand-tooled leather to craft belts that come with a lifetime guarantee at Smoky Creek Leather! Spend some time browsing handcrafted leather belts, keychains, bracelets, barrettes and hats made at Dollywood.

4. Grist Mill & Cinnamon Bread

Water running on the Dollywood Grist Mill.

The Dollywood Grist Mill was built in 1982, becoming the first fully operational grist mill built in the state of Tennessee in more than 100 years! This mill was built specifically to mimic what it would have looked like back in the day when the people of the Smoky Mountains relied on this giant water wheel to grind corn and wheat. Today this is where Dollywood’s world-famous cinnamon bread is baked fresh every day! Watch as this delicious bread is made before grabbing some to try for yourself! You won’t regret it!

5. Old Flames Candles

Before electricity made its way to the Smoky Mountains, folks relied on candles to provide the light they needed! A third generation of candle crafters make candles that are equal parts beautiful and useful. The craft shop at Old Flames Candles features an incredible selection of homemade cut and curl candles, hard to find taper candles and special themed candles. Purchase one of these candles to take a piece of the Smoky Mountains home with you!

These hands-on experiences turn out to be some of the most fun things to do at Dollywood! If you and the kids are looking for a bit of an adrenaline rush, check out some of the top rides at Dollywood you have to try!