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All the Details About a New Sevierville Distillery: Shine Girl

Are you looking for a Smoky Mountain distillery that offers unique spirits? You have to visit this new distillery in Sevierville! Shine Girl opened in March of 2022 and has a line of spirits that are created by and with women in mind. It’s owned by Danielle Parton, a combat veteran and pilot. We’ve gathered all the details about this new Sevierville distillery so you know what to expect when you visit Shine Girl.

About Shine Girl

Shine Girl is more than just a place where you can get outstanding moonshine — it’s a culmination of Danielle Parton’s unique family heritage. The Parton legacy has a little bit of everything, from superstars, to law enforcement, to commercial and military pilots. Shine Girl Moonshine is the Parton family heritage in a bottle and has a smooth finish, making every day a little better! Parton has taken recipes and lessons learned from previous generations and added her own special twist, making a product that everyone will love. She uses honey, sugar, or molasses instead of and in addition to corn in her moonshine. Shine Girl’s mission is to have a line of spirits that’s created by and with women in mind. Say goodbye to the throat-scorching of regular whiskey and hello to the smooth finish that Shine Girl offers!

What to Expect at Shine Girl

We know you’re wondering what unique moonshine flavors you can find at Shine Girl. The moonshine can be described as “smart, playful, and delicious!” Not only can you get regular moonshine, but Shine Girl also makes coconut moonshine, rosé moonshine, and red velvet moonshine. There’s also Shine Girl Vodka available! You’ll love trying the unique flavors that smell just as good as they taste before getting a bottle (or more) to take back home with you.

Where is Shine Girl Located?

Shine Girl is a Sevierville distillery just a short drive from the Parkway. Its official address is 1610 Jenkins Rd, Sevierville, TN 37876.

Who is Danielle Parton?

With such a famous last name, you might be wondering, “Who is Danielle Parton?” Yes, she is related to Dolly Parton — Danielle is Dolly’s niece! Danielle has had an exciting life herself. She’s the first female in the Parton family to earn a college degree, graduating from Belmont University with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration. After college, she began her airline career as a flight attendant, then joined the Air National Guard serving as a pilot and became an Aircraft Commander in 2012! In 2014, she became a pilot for one of the world’s largest carriers, where she flies the Airbus A320 family of aircraft. Now, she also makes and sells her own spirits in her own distillery!

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