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man holding cell phone during Smoky Mountain vacation

Is Your Cell Phone Ruining Your Smoky Mountain Vacation?

Did you know that nearly 90% of Americans have a cell phone? That is over 282.5 million people!

If these people are anything like us, they are attached to their cell phones. We are constantly texting, Tweeting, checking in, liking, emailing, and everything else you can imagine that you can do on a cell phone.

It is almost as if our entire world lives in this small hand-held device. However, what is all this connectivity doing to our Smoky Mountain vacation experience?

Sure it is fun to keep your friends and family up to date on all the fun and exciting things you and your family are enjoying during your time here, but what are you missing out on? To help find the answer to this, we have decided to put down our phone for a little while and discover what all we can do sans cell.

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The whole point of going on a Smoky Mountain vacation is to unwind and relax for a few days. This means shutting down the things that cause you the most stress like school, work, bills, and noisy neighbors.

By continuously checking your email on your phone you are not allowing yourself to let go of these stressful triggers, and thus you are missing this great opportunity to relax.

Enjoy the Scenery

young girls hiking in the Smoky MountainsThere is a difference in taking a picture of a beautiful sunset, posting it on Instagram, and waiting to see how many likes you get, compared to actually sitting back and taking in the view. When you look at scenery through a cell phone screen it is easy to miss the real beauty in front of you.

It’s not hard to appreciate nature without your cell phone. Next time you are hiking in the Smoky Mountains, driving through Cades Cove, or simply relaxing on the secluded back porch of your cabin or condo rental in the Smoky Mountains, just spend a moment taking a deep breath and enjoy it.

Reconnect With Family

father and son holding hands during Smoky Mountain vacationHow many dinner or lunches have you and your family shared where all of your noses are buried in your cell phone? Sure, occasionally you make look up to pass the bread or ask someone how their day was, but most of the time you aren’t really interacting with each other.

By putting down your phone for a few hours, you will be amazed by the amount of new memories and moments you and your family will be able to share together. This could include sharing old family stories, reflecting on all the new things you discovered that day, or just simply laughing with one another.

Smoky Mountain vacations are meant to be a time where you and your family can let go of the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and enjoy each other’s company.

Benefits of Bringing Your Cell Phone

Now, don’t get us wrong. We are not completely against using your cell phone while on vacation in the Smoky Mountains. In fact, based on studies you are probably reading this article from a cell phone or mobile device.

Smoky Mountain vacation cell phone benefits:

However, we do suggest that maybe you and your family find a healthy balance between using your cell phone and disconnecting during your next Smoky Mountain vacation.
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