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An Inside Look: Speedwerkz Exotic Car Museum in Pigeon Forge

We took an inside look at Speedwerkz Exotic Car Museum in Pigeon Forge. Take the tour with us!

Meredith: Hi, I’m Meredith with Visit My Smokies and today we’re at SpeedWerkz, right here in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. We’re here to take an insider’s look into the only exotic car museum in the Great Smoky Mountains. Here to show us around is Trace. Thank you so much for having us.

Trace: Thanks for coming by.

Meredith: So tell me a little bit about the museum that you have here today.

Trace: SpeedWerkz is basically a collection of privately owned exotics. These are cars that would otherwise be in storage because they’re just not being used right now. So, we found that the best use for these vehicles was to come in here to our showroom and for everybody to look at them.

Meredith: So what classifies an exotic car?

Trace: So, an exotic would typically be something that would be British, French, German or Italian. These can be European and these have a wild look and awesome sound and typically the price tag is well over a quarter million.

Meredith: Do you carry the same cars all the time or do they switch out?

Trace: Well, one of the best features of SpeedWerkz is that we’re constantly changing and evolving. It’s like computer technology. Every six months there’s something different, so we try to stay up with that as well. We rotate the showroom, at the very least, once every 4-5 weeks.

Meredith: So when you come in to visit, tell me a little bit about what that process is.

Trace: Okay, so either I can let you guys go on your own and look at each of the spec sheets or I can give you a personalized tour and that’s sort of what makes us different because I want to convey the same passion and emotion that these owners have to the public.

Meredith: How about you take us on the tour?

Trace: Yeah, absolutely. Let’s go.

Meredith: Alright.

Trace: Okay, so this is a 2014 Lamborghini Aventador and this is the Roadster. The majority of them came in Coupes. A total of over 4,000 of them were made and only 1,100 were Roadsters so this is the more exclusive version of the car. This one right here is in a very limited, 1 of 4, color way. This is called Verde Scandal.

Meredith: Wow! So you said there’s only 4 in existence?

Trace: Yes ma’am.

Meredith: And one is right here. Wow! How much would this run you?

Trace: The MSRP on this car is gonna be somewhere around $650,000.

Meredith: So this must be the rarest car you have.

Trace: Not necessarily, no. We do rotate even rarer ones in. We’ve got a 1 of 1 on the showroom floor.

Meredith: Let’s check that out.

Trace: Let’s go look at it.

Meredith: Wow! So this is the rarest. It’s funny. When you had asked me earlier what was my favorite car, this is what I picked.

Trace: Yes, it is always this vehicle. A lot of people think it looks like the Batmobile or something that Bruce Wayne would drive, but what makes it so rare is the fact that it is in satin black. The owner of the car actually owns the rights to this color on a Lamborghini.

Meredith: Wow! Well, I guess I can’t get one. So what is your client base here?

Trace: Our client base is everybody from the amateur car enthusiast to the advanced and even people that didn’t even think they were interested in cars. My favorite thing is having people come in and their significant other doesn’t care anything about cars and by the time they leave this showroom, I’ve converted them – because it doesn’t matter if you’re into the performance, the price, the art or the history, you’re gonna find something that you like about these cars that will get you interested.

Meredith: They’re absolutely beautiful. It’s like works of art. Well Trace, thank you so much for showing me around. I’ll just borrow this and I’ll be on my way.

Trace: Sounds good! We appreciate y’all coming by!

Meredith: And for more information on anything to do in the Great Smoky Mountains, head over to new.visitmysmokies.com and if you have any ideas for any upcoming videos that you’d like to see, just comment below. As always, thank you for watching. Bye!

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