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Dollywood: Still Cheaper Than Disney

Kids riding roller coaster in the sunsetFor generations Disney World in Orlando, Florida, has declared itself the “happiest place on Earth.” However, we at Visit My Smokies must disagree. Though Disney may very easily be the happiest place in Florida, we cannot believe that anywhere can hold a candle to the happiness and family fun found in our very own Smoky Mountains. Why is this? One world: Dollywood.

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The biggest difference between Disney and Dollywood is the admission price. With its recent rise of prices, one day at Disney’s Magic Kingdom now costs families $99 per person. For the same level of entertainment and excitement, a family can go to Dollywood for only $46 per child (ages 4-11), $58 per adult (ages 12-59) and $53 for seniors (ages 60+). In addition, Dollywood has a special policy that any guest that enters the park after 3 p.m. can return the following day for free! That is nearly the cost three adult Dollywood tickets for the price of two Disney World tickets!

Not to mention, Disney’s history of raising prices proves that it will not be long before the admission prices breaks the $100 mark. According to USA Today, since 2010 Disney has raised the price of their tickets a total of $23, whereas Dollywood has only raised their prices by $2. Traveling to an amusement park could be expensive, and that is why it is important to pick a park where you and your family can return to create memories year after year.

Multiple Parks

Yes, Disney does have multiple parks that guests can enter, all with different themes, but you have to pay more for each park you visit. At Dollywood, guests get the full experience of traveling through different parks while still just paying one low admission cost. All the exciting shows, demonstrations, and fun are all free inside the park! Different themes and areas of Dollywood include:

  • Showstreet

  • Adventures in Imagination

  • Dollywood’s Jukebox Junction

  • The Village at Dollywood

  • The Country Fair

  • Dollywood’s Dream Land Forest

  • Craftsman’s Valley

  • The Wilderness Pass and Adventure Mountain

  • Dollywood’s Timber Canyon

  • Owen’s Farm

Park Size

Fun fact, Dollywood is actually bigger than Disney’s Magic Kingdom! Dollywood is home to a total of 150 acres, whereas Magic Kingdom is only 107. So not only does Dollywood save on your wallet, there is also tons of more space for your family to explore and create memories.


People who have visited our Pigeon Forge amusement park before know that not only do you get the excitement of traveling to a new city, but you also get the relaxing atmosphere of being in the heart of the Smoky Mountains. With each turn on the roller coaster or stroll through one of the many shops, our guests will have a beautiful mountain backdrop.

Vacations are so much more than just getting away for a couple of days. They are a time for you and your family to make memories with one another. They are the time for you to spend time with the ones you love laughing, smiling, and forgetting about all the chaos from everyday life. This is the time where you discover your new favorite food, buy your new favorite shirt, and even pick up a memory of two. For help planning your family’s next vacation in the Smokies, be sure to visit our homepage for everything you need for the perfect Smoky Mountain vacation.

Buy Your Dollywood Tickets

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  • Avatar for Leanne Baker
    Leanne Baker

    I cannot wait to go to Dollywood someday. After recently spending a week in Orlando, visiting 2 of the Disney parks I would not recommend them at all. Disneyland and California Adventure in California is 100 percent better and I would recommend that but not Disney World. So Dollywood, keep your prices lower ’cause we will be visiting soon!

    March 19, 2014 at 4:42 pm
  • Avatar for Kim Fjerstad
    Kim Fjerstad

    I was very disappointed in Dolleywood. We went the first week of Sept & almost all items were not working & closed up. We did get to see a few shows that were good but everything else was disappointing. Can not compare to Disney…Disney has so much more but I would compare it to Silver Dollar City in Branson & we have been there in September with a lot of activity…vendors…displays and etc. They would have to show why Dolleywood is a great place. Not in my mind now!

    March 21, 2014 at 1:09 am

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