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Top 10 Pinterest Pins of 2015

Visit My Smokies’ Top 10 Pinterest Pins of 2015

This year has been a big year for our Pinterest followers! We’ve gotten so many shares on our Pinterest boards that we’ve decided to put together our top 10 Pinterest pins for you! These are the most popular pins for 2015 and we’d love for you to pin them to your own Pinterest boards!

1. Where to Stay in the Smokies

Don’t you love staying in the Smoky Mountains? It looks like you’re not the only one! This Pinterest pin received over 12,000 repins this year! Save it on your own Pinterest board, so you remember where to book your Smoky Mountain cabin rentals! 

2. Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen Menu

This year, The Island in Pigeon Forge welcomed Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen, and their menu is one you won’t want to miss! Take a look!

3. The Ultimate Packing Checklist for Your Trip to the Smokies

When you’re packing for a vacation to the Smokies, you won’t want to miss out on this ultimate checklist! Be sure to pin it to your own Pinterest board, so you’ll have it when it comes time to pack for your vacation!

4. Free Things to Do in the Smoky Mountains National Park

For all the details, take a look at Secrets of the Smokies: 7 Free Things to Do in the Smoky Mountains National Park.

5. Smoky Mountain Hiking Trails with Waterfalls

You don’t want to miss out on our favorite Smoky Mountain hiking trails with waterfalls! They’re some of the most popular spots in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park!

6. Historical Hiking Trails in the Smoky Mountains

Looking to take a step back in time and enjoy the history of the Smokies? These historical hiking trails in the Smoky Mountains will give you everything you’re looking for!

7. Scenic View of the Smoky Mountains

Everyone loves sharing the scenic landscapes of the Smokies, so this one also made our list of the top 10 most popular Pinterest pins this year! It’s absolutely beautiful, too! Go ahead and pin it, so you can share it with friends!

8. Strangest Abandoned Places in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

have you seen all 4 abandoned places in the national park? CLICK HERE to read all about them!

9. 5 Pigeon Forge Attractions You’ll Never See Again

This year, we said our official goodbyes to a few of the most popular Pigeon Forge attractions of all time.

To find out which attractions you’ll never see again, CLICK HERE.

10. Mountains Are Calling

This picture was super popular on our Pinterest board this year! The mountains are calling, are you going to answer the call?

For everyone who follows us on Pinterest and shares our pins, thank you for helping make our year a success! Even if you don’t already follow us on Pinterest, just click on our profile below to follow us for more of your favorite pictures of the Smoky Mountains!