Mama Bear and 5 Black Bear Cubs Caught Playing in Family Swimming Pool [Videos Included!]

Mama Bear and 5 Black Bear Cubs Caught Playing in Family Swimming Pool
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Now, we know these bears aren’t Smoky Mountain black bears, but we still wanted to share them with you! A New Jersey family was enjoying their day when they happened to see a family of black bears taking a swim in their family pool. The Basso family took videos of the black bears, and we’ve decided to share it!

In the videos below, you can see the black bears splashing around, having fun with the family’s pool toys and even exploring the family’s swing set. Throughout the videos, you can hear Tim, his wife and their 3 and 5 year old children discussing the bears. According to news articles, the family has stated that the bears were in their back yard for nearly an hour.

Black Bears Making a Splash in the Swimming Pool


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Of course, while the black bears seem incredibly cute and cuddly, we all know they’re not! Black bears, including our Smoky Mountain black bears, are not safe animals to be around. It’s important to know the dangers of black bears being out of their natural habitat and making their way close to homes, cabins and more.

How You Can Help Keep Smoky Mountain Black Bears Safe

  1. How You Can Help Keep Smoky Mountain Black Bears SafeWhen you are in or around the Smoky Mountain area, pick up any trash you may have. When garbage is left behind, it creates a “trail” for the black bears and they will eventually make their way to find that garbage.

First, it’s very dangerous to the bear if he were to consume the garbage, but it’s also dangerous to locals and visitors if the black bears get outside of their natural habitat.

  1. Keep your distance! Approaching a black bear within 50 yards (or 150 feet) or any distance that might disturb the bear is illegal. Violation will result in fines. Bears are dangerous animals and it’s best for them if we let them live freely without disruption in their environment.
  1. If you put garbage in any of the bins outside of cabins, condos or even near campsites, please be sure to close those garbage bins. Many of the bins have a bear-proof locking system that is easy for you to operate, but only works if you close the locking system after you’ve disposed any garbage.

Other Places We’ve Seen Smoky Mountain Black Bears

Other Places We’ve Seen Smoky Mountain Black BearsBlack Bear Caught Climbing Down Gatlinburg Condo Building

In late 2015, a Smoky Mountain black bear was caught climbing a Gatlinburg condo building. Video footage was caught by residents. Click here to see the video!

Smoky Mountain Wildlife Viewing Guide

To see Smoky Mountain black bears and all of the other wildlife in the area, take a look at our Smoky Mountain Wildlife Viewing Guide. This will help you find specific wildlife by telling you exactly where and when to spot them.

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