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Magical Treasures To Be Found in Pigeon Forge

Drawing of treasure mapAn adventure awaits everyone at MagiQuest in Pigeon Forge. As one of the top Pigeon Forge attractions, your entire family is sure to enjoy their trip to MagiQuest!

Given a wand, your adventure in MagiQuest begins, as the wand tracks where you go and what you do. Going on quests to gain power, meet people, find secrets and discover treasures, a world within the everyday reality is revealed. All ages, from five to 100 enjoy the action at MagiQuest, with choices to make on how they will play; one chooses the pace and style as well as timing of their adventure. Kids might play while their grandparents might be interested in gaining “Ancient Wisdom” through texts and manuscripts leading to special objects. Parents can watch or get into the game with their kids. Playing as a team or by oneself, adventure is promised as the journey begins.

Activities at MagiQuest

An 18-hole miniature golf course is part of the set in a Caribbean pirate village. If you hit a hole-in-one on the 18th hole, you are serenaded by Blackbeard and his friends. To make this Pigeon Forge attraction even more fun, it is a black light course! Kids love putting through the glow-in-the-dark atmosphere!

In the Odyssey Mirror Maze, enjoy the infinity room or the holograph hallway, where the walls are a holograph. The dance room has walls that react to every move made. At 5,000 square feet of fun, the Odyssey Mirror Maze will long be remembered.

After the Mirror Maze, you can enjoy The Vault. The Vault challenges visitors to not break the laser beam as twists and turns take the adventurer through the Vault to the end.

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