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Wildwood Grove at Dollywood Theme Park

All the Details: Wildwood Grove Expansion at Dollywood Now Open

Dollywood’s biggest expansion ever is now open! On May 10, Wildwood Grove opened for members of the media, and on May 11 it opened for everyone to enjoy! Read on to find out all the details about Wildwood Grove and what to expect when you visit:

Dolly Parton Gives Jenna Bush Hager Tour of Wildwood Grove

Dolly Parton invited Jenna Bush Hager to Dollywood to take a tour of its new $37 million expansion! Dolly gave Jenna Bush Hager an inside look at Wildwood Grove and the theme park. The country music legend told Hager that when people leave Dollywood she hopes they feel like they’ve been surrounded with love and are able to walk away with some of her magic!

Watch TODAY’s footage from Jenna Bush Hager’s visit below:

Wildwood Grove Opening Weekend

May 10 marks the opening day of Wildwood Grove at Dollywood! Dolly Parton returned to Pigeon Forge to kick off the opening weekend with media and private events. Dolly even performed a song about Wildwood Grove, as well as answered questions from the media about the expansion. May 11, Dollywood’s largest expansion became open to the public! Visitors can explore 11 new experiences, including 6 new rides. At the center of Wildwood Grove sits the 52-foot-tall Wildwood Tree that is decorated in colorful butterflies that dance in the breeze. Dolly said if she could she would build the tree right in her backyard! The whole family will love everything this new area has to offer, from play areas to family-friendly coasters.

When asked what Wildwood Grove means to her, Dolly said, “It’s great because we’re so family friendly. We really want to do things to bring families together and make memories as a family … This area is really special because you have more freedom to roam around the park. It’s really something for everyone.” You’re not going to want to miss the chance to experience everything Wildwood Grove has to offer!

Take a Tour of Wildwood Grove

Construction workers were hard at work at Wildwood Grove getting everything ready for its May opening. Several buildings and rides were starting to come together in February, including the Dragonflier roller coaster and the indoor play area, Hidden Hollow. Dollywood gave members of the media a tour of Wildwood Grove to showcase its progress. Take the video tour of Wildwood Grove below!

New Attractions at Wildwood Grove

With the 2019 season drawing near, Dollywood started to release updates on all the new attractions that visitors can enjoy in Wildwood Grove. One attraction is a suspended coaster called the Dragonflier. The Dragonflier is a Vekoma 453m suspended roller coaster that will race through the terrain in an unpredictable path, mimicking the flight of a dragonfly.

Other new rides include the Treetop Tower, Sycamore Swing, Frogs & Fireflies, Benjamin Bear, and The Mad Mockingbird, which is a flying scooter ride that lets riders control their own experience by moving a sail as the birds rush above the ground. Once Wildwood Grove is finished, the park said it will have about 400 trees and 1,000 shrubs total!

Dollywood Wildwood Grove Announcement Video on August 3, 2018

The Wildwood Grove announcement streamed live on Dollywood’s Facebook for everyone to watch! The announcement included videos that gave us an inside look on what to expect at Wildwood Grove. During the announcement, Dolly Parton was joined on stage by President of Dollywood Craig Ross, who said the goal of creating Wildwood Grove was to exceed guests’ expectations and bring families close together. The announcement ended with Dolly and Alyvia Alyn Lind, who played Dolly in her Coat of Many Colors movies, performing “My Tennessee Mountain Home.” Watch the full announcement below!

About Wildwood Grove

Wildwood Grove is the biggest thing that Dollywood has ever done! You can explore the newest land of discovery and adventure that combines the natural beauty of the Smokies with pure imagination! Wildwood Grove is a place for families to create memorable experiences they can come back and repeat again and again! Kids and parents can explore, imagine and play together as a family. Just off the beaten path of Timber Canyon, walk through the fallen log into a place that takes imagination to a whole new level with 11 different themed experiences. There is magic everywhere you go in Wildwood Grove, both during the day and at night! When the sun sets, the magic of Wildwood Grove reveals itself. The butterflies on the Wildwood Tree awaken and transform the canopy into a kaleidoscope of color, and the rides take on a new life. Wildwood Grove is the heart of Dolly Parton, and we can’t wait to visit!

What’s New at Dollywood’s Wildwood Grove

Wildwood Grove has something for everyone in the family to enjoy! Check out some of the new rides and fun you can have at the park:
Hidden Hollow – Hidden Hollow is a secret play area with family-friendly activities, net towers, suspended bridges and more! There is even a separate toddler area where the little ones can have their own fun!

Treetop Tower – Soar through the sky on a leaf canopy as it spins and soars before gently drifting to the forest floor.

Sycamore Swing – This colossal swing is big enough for the whole family as you rock back and forth and fly high through the sky.

Frogs & Fireflies – Bounce up and down as you race around the lily pad for Franklin Frog on this playful roundabout ride!

Benjamin Bear – Hop on the back of a friendly black bear who glides through the woods along the Black Bear Trail and run into surprises along the way.

Mad Mockingbird – This flying scooter allows guests to control their own ride experience as you rush around a high-speed circle.

The Dragonflier – This thrilling suspended coaster darts along the geysers and across the ground. It is the largest and fastest in its family of coasters!

Wildwood Tree – In the heart of Wildwood Grove you’ll find the Wildwood Tree, which is decorated in butterflies and is the perfect platform for performers.

2019 Wildwood Grove Expansion

At the end of July, the new development at Dollywood finally got a name — Wildwood Grove! The theme park revealed the name on July 24, along with a Facebook post that included a photo with the words “Explore Like Never Before” and a caption that read, “Explore Wildwood Grove with us live next week.” The post includes a link to a Facebook Event for the live stream of the big announcement at 11 a.m. on Aug. 3.

Early Information About Wildwood Grove

Before the announcement, Dollywood hadn’t released any information about the expansion other than the name, but we did know a few details about the plans for Wildwood Grove. At 5 acres, the Wildwood Grove expansion is the park’s biggest addition since it expanded to create the Wild Eagle and the FireChaser Express. In February, Pigeon Forge’s Community Development Director David Taylor told The Mountain Press that there are plans for about 8 different attractions, a restaurant, a separate building for restrooms, water features and more. Blueprints submitted to the Pigeon Forge Planning Commission reveal an enclosed family coaster, a pendulum style ride and an indoor play area as some of the attractions included in the expansion, suggesting it is geared toward families and kids. For more detailed information on the first news we received about the Dollywood expansion, read our blog, “Dollywood Planning Major Expansion for 2019.”

Dollywood entrance signMore About Dollywood

In addition to the new Wildwood Grove, Dollywood is filled with all your favorite ways to have fun! The theme park has 40 world-class rides, high-energy entertainment, award-winning dining and more. Experience the thrill of the world’s fastest wood coaster, or try the famous cinnamon bread from The Grist Mill! There is something for everyone to enjoy at Dollywood. Start planning your visit to Dollywood today and get the best deal on tickets when you buy through Visit My Smokies!