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Artist Captures Timeless Beauty in Gatlinburg

Ray of sunlight shining down on the Smoky Mountains at dawnPaul Murray began studying the arts when he was just a young boy in school. At the age of 13, he actually quit school to dedicate his time to learning about well-known artists like Rockwell. As his interest grew, he became a self-taught artist who was committed to bringing the history of East Tennessee to life in his works. Since age 16, Paul Murray has published his paintings and shown his work in many exhibits. He appreciates the Gatlinburg community, so he has since created a Gatlinburg shop that houses all of his artwork, the Paul Murray Gallery.

Unlike most artists, Paul Murray uses various mediums for his art including pencil, pastel, oil and watercolor. His goal is to preserve the beauty of the Appalachian people through his artwork.  He has studied the Southern Appalachian mountain people since he began creating art, so his work includes unique detail. He is able to capture the glow and expression of the mountain people through his art, making his artwork a treasure for all visitors.

The past will truly come to life in this 1800s-style farmhouse, filled with heartwarming paintings, reminding visitors of Appalachian history. Located at 1003 Glades Road, the Gatlinburg shop is part of the Arts and Crafts Community. Visitors who do not want to drive to the Paul Murray Gallery can ride the Gatlinburg Trolley to the Arts and Crafts Community, where they can be dropped off at the gallery. When you stop in, you will be able to meet Paul and his wife, as well as see him work on beautiful pieces.

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