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International Flair in the Smokies

By now, you’re probably aware of one of the
signature attractions of the Smoky Mountains, Dollywood. It is a very unique
experience, with lots of different opportunities for people of all ages. And this
month, Dollywood creates a cultural atmosphere of fun by introducing visitors
to world music, global art and foreign food. All right here in Sevier County!

Starting March 24, Dollywood’s
Festival of Nations showcases entertainment from the global community. This
is something they’ve being doing for awhile. It is really a great concept:
bring different types of art and entertainment from places you may not be
familiar with and display them for everyone to enjoy. Here are some examples of
what to expect:

Irish dance troupe

Five sister band from Newfoundland

Ukrainian clowns that rip a giant paper
screen and involve the audience (yes, you read that right)

Russian brass band playing traditional
Russian and Dixieland music

Bavarian music featuring a Slovenian
Polka party

Rhythmic blend of music from the Andes

Argentinean music, comedy and dance with
gauchos dancing with weapons

Zambian acapella vocal group comprised
of different African tribes

German theater group featuring changing
formations and choreography with performers on stilts

Now, you’d rack up serious airline miles trying to
catch these shows in their native countries. This month-long exploration of
world dances, acrobatics, and
rhythms will wow you. This is one of those cases where you’re entertained but
also learning something. Step outside your borders and see what the world has
to offer, all from the Smoky Mountains!